An Introduction to Astrology (21-25)

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THE ancients have delivered unto us, that there are four ways or means which discover whether a person's question demanded shall be accomplished, yea or nay.

Conjunction.--First, by conjunction: when therefore you find the lord of the ascendant, and the lord of that house which signifies the thing demanded, hastening to a ☌, and in the first house, or in any angle, and the significators meet with no prohibition or refranation, before they come to perfect ☌, you may then judge that the thing sought after shall be brought to pass without any manner of let or impediment; the sooner, if the significators be swift in motion, and essentially or accidentally strong; but if this ☌ of the significators be in a succeedent house, it will be perfected, but not so soon; if in cadent houses, with infinite loss of time, some difficulty, and much struggling.

Aspects ofor △.--Things are also effected, when the principal signifiers apply by ✶ or △ aspect out of good houses and places where they are essentially well dignified, and meet with no malevolent aspect to intervene ere they come to be in perfect ✶ or △.

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Aspects ofand ☍.--Things are also produced to perfection when the significators apply by ☐ aspect, provided each planet have dignity in the degrees wherein they are, and apply out of proper and good houses; otherwise not. Sometimes it happens that a matter is effected when the significators apply by ☍, but it is when there is mutual reception by house, and out of friendly houses, and the ☽ separating from the significator of the thing demanded, and applying presently to the lord of the ascendant. I have seldom seen any thing drought to perfection by this way of opposition, but the querent had been better the thing had been undone; for, if the question was concerning marriage, the parties seldom agreed, but were ever wrangling and disputing, each party repining at his evil choice, laying the blame upon their covetous parents, as having no mind to it themselves; and if the question was about portion or monies, the querent did, it is true, recover his money or portion promised, but it cost him more to procure it in suit of law than the debt was worth; and so have I seen it happen in many other things, &c.

Translation.--Things are brought to perfection by translation of light and nature, in this manner:--When the significators both of querent and quesited are separating from ☌, or ✶, or △ aspects of each other, and some other planet separates himself from one of the significators, of whom he is received, either by house, triplicity, or term, 1 and then this planet applies to the other significator by ☌ or aspect, before he meets with the ☌ or aspect of any other planets; he thus translates the force, influence, and virtue of the first significator to the other, and then this intervening planet, (or such a man or woman as is signified by that planet,) shall bring the matter in hand to perfection.

Consider what house the planet interposing or translating


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the nature and light of the two planets is lord of, and describe him or her; and say to the querent, that such a party shall do good in the business of, &c.; viz. if lord of the second, a good purse effects the matter; if lord of the third, a kinsman or neighbour; and so of all the rest of the houses; of which more hereafter.

Collection.--Matters are also brought to perfection, when the two principal significators do not behold one another, but both cast their several aspects to a more weighty planet than themselves, and they both receive him in some of their essential dignities; then shall that planet, who thus collects both their lights, bring the thing demanded to perfection; which signifies that a person somewhat interested in both parties, and described and signified by that planet, shall perform the thing which otherwise could not be perfected; as many times you see two fall at variance, and of themselves cannot think of any way of accommodation, when suddenly a neighbour or friend accidentally reconciles all differences, to the content of both parties; and this is called a collection.

In all questions, you are generally to observe this method following:--The ascendant represents the person of the querent, and the second his estate, the third his kindred, the fourth his father, the fifth his children, the sixth his servant or sickness, the seventh his wife, the eighth the manner of his death, the ninth his religion or journeys, the tenth his estimation or honour, mother, trade, &c.; the eleventh his friends, the twelfth his secret enemies: also understand, that when one asks concerning a woman, or any party signified by the seventh house and the lord thereof, that then the seventh house shall be her ascendant, and signify her person; the eighth house shall signify her estate, and be her second; the ninth house shall signify her brethren and kindred; the tenth shall represent her father; the eleventh her children, or whether

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apt to have children; the twelfth her sickness and servants; the first house her sweetheart; the second house her death; the third her journey; the fourth her mother, or trade, &c.; the fifth her friends; the sixth her sorrow, care, and private enemies. Let the question be of or concerning a churchman, minister, or the brother of the wife or sweetheart, the ninth house shall represent each of these; but the tenth house shall be significator of his substance; the eleventh house of his brethren; and so in order: and so in all manner of questions, the house signifying the party quesited shall be his ascendant or first house, the next his second house, and so continuing round about the whole heavens of twelve houses. If a question be made of a king or nobleman, the tenth is his first house, the eleventh his second, &c.; but in nativities, the ascendant always influences the party born, whether king or beggar. These things preceding being well understood, you may proceed to judgment; not that it is necessary you have all that is written in your memory exactly, but, that you be able to know when you are in error, when not; when to judge a question, when not.

Of the true Time of erecting a Figure.

The proper time is that when you feel most anxious about any matter, and first form the resolution to erect a figure on the subject: if you find the figure radical, and lay aside all self-love and prejudice, you may safely judge a figure erected for that instant of time.

If a person apply to an astrologer, the figure must be taken for the exact time he first speaks on the subject; or, if it be by letter, when it is first read and understood by the artist. If it be not a question, but an event suddenly happening, then the moment of its commencement will shew, by a figure, its result &c.; as the first setting off on a journey, beginning

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a letter, or any business, &c.; or when you first discover the loss of any article, or hear of any event happening: in all these cases, the first impression on your mind is the true moment for the figure.

Of the Planet or Planets which hinder or impedite the Thing demanded in any Question.

In all questions consider carefully what planet it is which obstructs or hinders the perfection of the thing desired. We receive judgment herein from that planet with whom the lord of the ascendant be joined, (whether by bodily ☌ or by aspect), or the significator of the thing inquired after, whether it be the ☽ herself, or that she be partaker with the lord of the ascendant or not, or signify the thing demanded.

Carefully observe the planet to which the querent's significator is joined, or the ☽; and observe how that planet is disposed, and unto whom he is joined; for if the lord of the ascendant, ☽, or significator of the thing propounded, be joined to an evil planet, evilly disposed, without reception, or if he be not evilly disposed, but be joined to an infortune, and that infortune receive him not, it denotes the destruction of the thing demanded.

A planet is ill-disposed when he is peregrine, retrograde, combust; also if cadent and behold not the lord of the house or the cusp of the house of the thing demanded. The aspect to the cusp is better than to the lord of the house.

If the significator, as above, be joined to an unfortunate planet, viz. one retrograde, combust, or cadent; then observe whether mutual reception intervene; which shews the perfection of the matter, though with much labour and solicitation. If there be no reception, the affair will come to nothing though there may have been much probability of its performance.

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If the lord of the ascendant, the ☽, or lord of the thing demanded, or the planet who receives any of them, be free from affliction, though without mutual reception, it perfects the matter with facility.

If any one of them be free from the infortunes, and joined with any benevolent planet, who is himself aspected by a malevolent, without mutual reception, the matter will be brought to a good conclusion.

Consider carefully whether planets in aspect be without reception, for when they are in reception, things are ever brought to pass; though, if the aspect be evil, with degree of trouble, delay, &c.

Consider also, whether any other planet prohibit before the significators join in perfect ☌ with an evil planet; if so, it hinders the thing from happening: but if no such prohibition or cutting off the light of the infortune occur, by which its malevolence may be taken off, the thing will be effected.

If an infortune collect the light of other planets, or if light be translated to an infortune, the matter will not be effected unless there be reception; viz. that the infortune be received by, or disposed of, or ruled by, (which is all one thing), the significators.



78:1 This means being in these dignities of that significator.




Signs of Health and long Life.

CONSIDER whether the sign ascending, the lord thereof, and ☽, be free from affliction; viz. combustion or ☌, ☐ or of ☍ the lords of the 8th, 12th, 6th, or 4th houses; whether they be direct, strong in dignities, swift in motion, angular, especially in the 1st, or 10th houses; or if in the 11th or 9th, and in good aspect with ♃, or ♀, or ☉, in the terms of ♃ or ♀: these are arguments of health and long life; and the contrary, viz. the asc. ☽, or lord of the 1st, in bad houses, and afflicted, shew mischief at hand.

If the lord of the ascendant be under the Sun's beams, or going to combustion, which is worse than when he is leaving ☉; or ☽ cadent and unfortunate, by being afflicted by those planets having rule in the 8th, or 6th; or ♄, ♂ or ☋ in the ascendant or 7th house peregrine, or in their detriments or retrograde, judge that the querent will not be long lived, but is near some danger or misfortune, according to the quality of the significators, and of the houses those planets are lord of, which afflict the ☽, &c.

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The Time when any of those Accidents shall happen.

If the lord of the ascendant be going to ☌, &c. of ☉, of lords of the 8th, or 4th, see how many degrees he is distant, and in what sign either of them are; and for each degree allow one week in a moveable sign, one month in a common sign, and one year in a fixed sign; this is only for example; for the measure of time must be limited according to the other significators concurring in judgment herein.

Secondly.--Consider also how many degrees ☽ is from any infortune, or the lords of the 6th or 8th, according to the signs and houses in which they are found, and their nature and quality.

Thirdly.--If there be an infortune in the ascendant, see how many degrees the cusp of the 1st house wants of the place of the evil planet; or, if he be in the 7th house, how far it is from the cusp of that house, and compute the time of death, sickness, or misfortune, by the degrees, as they may be in fixed, common, or moveable signs.

If the lord of the ascendant be most afflicted by the lord of the 6th, and in the 6th, or come to combustion in the 6th, the querent will have very many and tedious sicknesses, which will scarce leave him till his death. This will be more certain if the lords of the ascendant, 8th house, and ☽, be all placed in the 6th.

If the ☽, lord of the ascendant, or sign ascending, be most afflicted by the lord of the 8th, or by a planet situated in the 8th, judge that the sickness which now afflicts him, or shortly will, will end fatally, and that death is approaching. But if the ☽ and other significators are chiefly afflicted by the lords of other houses, judge the misfortune from the nature of the house or houses of which the afflicting planets are lords; and the first origin thereof from some person or

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thing belonging to that house, wherein you find the afflicting planet posited. Judge thereby a misfortune, but not death.

If there be any fixed star, of much power, near the ☽, lord of the ascendant or the degree ascending, or with the planet which afflicts any of these, you may judge evil thereby, according to the nature of that star; for which, see the chapter on Fixed Stars.


Avoid rash judgments; especially of death. This should never be judged by one single testimony, however strong. And though the lord of the ascendant be going to combustion in the house of death, observe whether the ☽, ♃, or ♀ (or if well aspected and strong), throw any good aspect to the lord of the ascendant, before he come to perfect ☌ with ☉; for then either medicine or natural strength will contradict that malignant influence, or take off part of that misfortune. When two or more of the rules aforesaid occur, you may be more bold; yet concerning the absolute time of death, I have found it best to be wary. Though you may safely judge that the querent will not be long-lived, or else subject to many calamities; and this I know by many verified examples. This knowledge will be useful to those who will use their reason to avoid those casualties their nature or inclinations would run them into. 1


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To what Part is it best the Querent should direct his Affairs or where may he live most happily?

The 12 houses are divided into the four quarters of heaven, east, west, north and south. From the cusp of the 1st, where the ☉ and planets rise, to the cusp of the 10th, is the south-east quarter. The 1st, is due east; the 12th, is about two points south of east; the middle of the 11th, is south east; the cusp of the 11th, is about two points east of south; and the 10th, is due south. In like manner, from the 10th to the 7th house is the south-west quarter; and from the 7th to the 4th is the north-west quarter; and, lastly, from the 4th to the ascendant is the north-east quarter. In that quarter wherein you find ♃, ♀, ☽, or ⊕, or most of them, direct the querent to proceed in that direction, especially if ⊕ and ☽ be free from combustion and be strong. If ♃ or ♀ be lords of the 8th, 12th, or 6th houses, you must avoid them; and avoid that quarter wherein the evil planets are, unless they be essentially strong, and lords of the 1st, 2d, 10th, or 11th houses, when they may prove friendly. 1

If the querent desire to live where he may most enjoy health, look to the quarter of the lord of the ascendant, or ☽; and whichever is strongest, or casts the best aspect to the degree ascending, to that quarter repair for health. It an increase of wealth be considered, see where the lord of the 2d, the ⊕, and its dispositor, or any two of them, be, and thither repair for that end. Of this I shall speak in other judgments.

What Part of LIFE is like to be best?

See in what angle or quarter of heaven the fortunate and


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promising planets are; for in this way of judging we usually give to every house five years, more or less, as the significators promise life or death. Begin with the 12th, then the 11th, then the 10th, &c., and so round to the ascendant. If ♃ or ♀ be in the 11th or 10th, judge the querent to have lived happily from the 5th to the 15th year of age: if they be in the 8th or 7th, he will or hath lived contented from fifteen to thirty; if 21, &c. be in the 6th, 5th, or 4th, house, say that after his middle age, from 30 to 45, he may do well; but if the benefits be in the last quarter, his greatest happiness will be in his last days, or after 45. If you find the significators very strong, you may add a year to each house. Lastly, the aspects the ☽ and lord of the ascendant are separated from show what and what manner of accidents have preceded the question; their next application what may be next expected. If you consider the house or houses the planets they separated from are lords of, it acquaints you with the matter, nature, person, and quality of the things already happened--evil if the aspects were evil, and good if they were good. Also if you note the quality of the next aspect by application, and the well or ill-being and position of the planets applied to, it spews the character of the next succeeding accidents and events, their nature, proportion, &c., and the time when they will happen.

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Fig. 2


An ASTROLOGICAL JUDGMENT concerning these Demands by the Querent.

1. If he were likely to live long, yea or not?

2. To what part of the world he were best direct his course?

3. What part of life was likely to be most fortunate?

4. He desired I would relate some of the general accidents which had happened to him already?

5. What accidents in future he might expect?

6. The time when?

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The stature of the querent is shewn by ♌, the sign ascending; a fixed star of the 1st magnitude, of the nature of ♂ and ♃, called Cor ♌, the lion's heart, is near the cusp of the 1st house, in ♌ 24° 34'; 1 both the cusp of the 1st house and the degree wherein ☉ lord of the ascendant is, are the terms of ♃; the ☽ is in △ aspect to both ♃ and ♀, and they in the 10th house; so that the form and stature of the querent were decent. He was of middle stature, strongly compacted, neither fat nor fleshy, but comely and graceful, a fair visage, reddish hair, clear skin, some cuts on his right cheek (he was a soldier), and certainly the presence of the fixed star in the ascendant, which represents the face, occasioned those hurts or scars. 2

As the sign ascending, and its lord, were in the fiery triplicity, and by nature hot and dry, so was this gentleman's temper and condition, being exceedingly valiant, choleric, high-minded, and of great spirit: for ☉ is in his exaltation; yet ☽ being in △ to the two fortunes, he was sober, modest, and excellently educated, thereby having great command of his passion; but as ☽ was in ☍ to ☿, he had his times of anger and folly, whereby he pinch prejudiced his affairs. 3

1st QUERY.--If live long, &c.?

The ascendant not vitiated by the lords of the 6th or 8th; the lord of the ascendant in his exaltation no way impedited, pretty quick in motion, in the 9th house, and in terms of ♃;




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[paragraph continues] ☽ separating from △ of ♀ applying to △ of ♃, he strong in the midheaven, and the malice of ♂ restrained by the △ of ♃; ☉ above the earth, the fortunes angular and more potent than the infortunes; I concluded that, according to natural causes, he might live many years; that nature was strong, and he subject to few diseases. This has hitherto proved true; he being yet alive this present March, 1646.

2d QUERY.--To what part of the world he were best direct his course?

☉ lord of the ascendant near the cusp of the 9th, (and the sign thereof moveable), the house of long journeys; I intimated that he was resolving suddenly upon a journey south-east: south, because the quarter of heaven wherein the lord of the ascendant is, is south; east, because the sign where ☉ is, is east, (this he confessed); and as ☉ was but 2° 10' distant from the cusp of the 9th, he went away within two months.

I judged those countries subject to ♈ might be propitious. Had his resolution been to stay in England, it might have been good for him, for England is subject to ♈: I would have advised him to steer towards Kent, Essex, Sussex or Suffolk; for they lie south-east from London. But if sometimes you find a city, town or kingdom, subject to the sign which promises good, stands not in the direction the sign or quarter of heaven points out as above, observe this rule--that if enforced to live in that country, city, &c., then direct your actions or employment to those parts of that country, &c., which lie east, west, &c., as in the figure is directed.

As the ☽ applied strongly to the △ of ♃, and he and ♀ were in ♉, which rules Ireland, I advised him that Ireland would agree with his constitution, and that he might get honour there, as the planet to whom ☽ applies is in the house of honour. And the querent did go into Ireland, and there performed good service, and obtained a notable victory against the rebels.

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3d QUERY.--What part of his LIFE would be best?

Considering the two fortunes were placed in the 10th, and ☊ and ☉ in the 9th, I judged his younger years would be the most pleasant; and ♂ being in the 8th, which comes to about the 24th, 25th, or 26th years of his age, I judged about that time many crosses, and that his afflictions first began. And seeing no fortunate planet either in the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, or 3d houses, I said the remainder of his life, for many years, would be little comfortable, and full of labour and trouble. Yet I judged those calamities should not suddenly come upon him, because ☽ applied to △ of ♃, and wanted almost 3° of coming to a perfect aspect. Therefore I conceived by means of some person in authority represented by ♃, he should be supported or assisted in his affairs for almost three years after the question. Had ♃ been essentially dignified, I should have judged him a more durable fortune.

4th QUERY.--What general ACCIDENTS had happened already?

Although it is not usual to be so inquisitive, yet, seeing the figure so radical, I considered from what planets ☉, lord of the ascendant, had last separated. The ☉ had lately been in ☌ ♂, then ☐ ♄, then ✶ ♃. Now as ♂ is lord of the 4th house, signifying lands, &c., and was now in the 8th, which signifies the substance of women, I judged he had been molested of late concerning some lands, or the jointure or portion of his wife, or a woman; wherein I was confirmed the more, as ☽ applies to ☍ ♂ in the 8th house; she being in the querent's house of property, which sheaved that the quarrel or strife should be concerning money or things signified by that house. (All this was very true.)

As ☉ had lately been in ☐ ♄, significator of the querent's wife, I told him that his wife and he had been at great variance; and because her significator ♄ did dispose of his ⊕, I judged

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that she had no mind that he should have any of her estate or manage it, but kept it to her own use. For ♄ is retrograde in a fiery sign, and the sign of the 7th fixed, all which shews her to be a woman not willing to be curbed or to submit. (This was confessed.)

Lastly, as ☉ was lately in ✶ to ♃ and ♃ in the 10th, I told him that some great lawyer or courtier 1 had endeavoured to reconcile the differences between them; and ☉ and ♄ did now apply to △ aspect, there seemed, at present, a willingness in both parties to be reconciled. Nor did I see any obstruction in the matter, except ☿, who is in ☐ aspect to ♄, did impedite it. I judged ☿, in general, to signify some lawyer, attorney, or writings; but, as he was lord of the querent's 2d, it might be because the querent would not consent to allow her such a sum of money as might be asked; or that, his purse being weak, he had not wherewithal to solicit his cause; or ☿ being lord of the 11th, some pretended friend would advise the contrary, or some of her lawyers; or, as the 11th is the 5th from the 7th, a child of the querent's wife might be the occasion of continuing the breach. (I believe every particular herein proved true; however, this was the way to find the thing which disturbed their unity.)

Observe, that as ♀, lady of the 10th, doth dispose of lord of the 8th, viz. the wife's fortune, so she had entrusted her estate to a great nobleman.

5th QUERY.--What ACCIDENTS, in future, he might expect?

In this query, I first considered ☉, lord of the ascendant, no ways unfortunate or in ill aspect with any planet; but, on the contrary, excellently fortified: I judged he had the wide world to ramble in, (for a planet strong, and in no aspect with others, shews a man at liberty to do what he will); and, for many years he might (quoad capax) live in a prosperous condition,


p. 93

and traverse much ground, or see many countries. For ♈, the sign which ☉ is in, is moveable and on the cusp of the 9th, the house of long journeys; which denoted many changes and variety of action in sundry parts.

2dly: I observed ☽ in his house of substance, applying to ♃ in the 10th, and ♃ lord of the 5th and 8th; the former the house of children; the latter that of the wife's substance. Hence I gathered, that the querent was desirous to treat with some nobleman (♃ being in the 10th) about the education of his children; and that there might be a salary payable out of the wife's jointure. (Such a thing he did settle before he left England.)

3dly: I found ☽ in ♍ peregrine.

4thly: ☿ lord of his 2d, signifying his estate in ♓, his detriment; yet, in his own terms, afflicted by ♂, and having lately had the ☍ of ☽. Hence I judged that he had been in of great want of money a little before the question was asked. And if we note the distance between the ☍ of ☽ and ☿, we find 6° 21', shewing that he had been in want of money about six months and somewhat more, previously to asking the question. (This was confessed.)

5thly: Seeing ☽ was applying to △ of ♃, and then, before she got out of the sign ♍, did occur the of ☍ of ♂, I acquainted the querent that, after some years of pleasure, he would be in great danger of losing his life, goods, lands, and fortune. His life, because ♂ is in the 8th: his estate, because ☽ is in the 2d; and his lands or inheritance, because ♂ is lord of the 4th and situated in the 8th house; for the 4th house denotes lands, &c.

6th QUERY.--The time when?

In this query, I considered the application of ☽ to △ ♃; which wanting about 3 degrees, I judged that he might live pleasantly for about three years to come

p. 94

2dly: Seeing that ☉ lord of the ascendant, during his motion through ♈, did not meet any malevolent aspect, and had got 26 degrees to run through the sign, I gave this nature of judgment: I told him that for about 26 months, or until over two years to come, I judged he should live in a free condition, in those parts in which he intended his journey, &c.

Lastly: I considered how many degrees ☽ wanted of the ☍ of ☽.


Longitude of ♂



Longitude of ☽







This difference, if in proportion unto time, and neither give years, because the significators are in common signs and not in fixed; nor months, because the signs signify somewhat more; but proportion a mean between both: the time limited in this way will amount to about three years and three quarters ere the ☍ of ♂ to ☽ should take effect. But as this query was general, I might have allowed for every degree one year. 1 After, or about which time, he was in several actions, both dangerous to his person and fortune; and since that time till the present, he has had his intervals of good and ill, but is now under the frown of fortune, &c.


As the ☉ at the time of the question was strong, he did overcome all manner of difficulties for many years, and has, in our unlucky differences, had honourable employment on his Majesty's part. But as ☽ 2 is in ☍ to ♂, so it was not without the general outcry and exclamations of the people; nor was it his fortune, though in great command, ever to do his Majesty any notable piece of service. And he is now for



p. 95

ever, by just sentence of the Parliament, deprived of the happiness of ending his days in England; which might, in some measure, have been foreseen by the ☍ of ☽ to ♂, he being lord of the 4th, the end of all things. 1

N.B. All young beginners should at first write down their judgments on each figure at full length, and afterwards contract their opinions into a narrow compass; by this means they will soon acquire experience. It is well to enter every figure in a book for farther reference, and to remark and register such things as have occurred according to their predictions or otherwise; by which they will be able to correct their future judgments.



85:1 The student will perceive, by this observation of the author, how false is the assertion, that astrology teaches or upholds fatality. On the contrary, it expressly teaches that the worst influence may be overcome by the use of reason, which, of course, implies by the assistance also of God's blessing, which both reason and revelation inform us we should pray for when we perceive any impending evil.--ZADKIEL.

86:1 I should not myself choose the directions of the infortunes in any case.--ZADKIEL.

89:1 This star has now advanced to about 27° 30' of the sign Leo.

89:2 I differ from the author on this point, and believe that the lord of the ascendant being in ♈, which rules the head, shewed them; it being a masculine sign, caused them to be on the right side; and, being above the earth, they were in front of the head, or in the face. The ☉ being afflicted by the ☌ of ♂, caused them to be scars or wounds: if he had been alone, they would have been merely moles.--ZADKIEL.

89:3 The ☉ in ☌ with ♂ would render him very fiery, and at the same time very brave and fortunate, as a soldier.

92:1 it was the Lord Coventry.

94:1 I should certainly always do so.--ZAD.

94:2 In all questions ☽ signifies the people, where they are at all concerned.

95:1 I should say also, by ♄ being in the 4th house and retrograde, for such a position ever denotes a final catastrophe.



If one shall find the Party at Home he would speak with?

THE ascendant and its lord are for the querent, the 7th and its lord for him you would speak with; but if it be with any relation, take the house signifying that relation and its lord; as, for the father the 4th, for a child the 5th, and for an intimate friend the 11th; if the lord of the 7th, or quesited's significator, be in any of the four angles, the party is at home; but if he be in a succeedent house, he is not far from home; but if in a cadent house, then he is far from home.

If you find the lord of the ascendant apply to the quesited's perfect aspect the same day you intend to visit him, you may be assured either to meet him going to his house, or hear of him by the way; or, if any planet separate from the lord of the quesited's house, and transfer his light to the lord of the ascendant, you will learn where he is by a person signified by

p. 96

that planet. Describe the planet, and it personates the individual; and the nature of the planet, sign, and quarter of heaven it is in will, by the plurality of testimonies, shear whether it be male or female.

Of a thing suddenly happening, whether it signifies Good or Evil?

Erect your figure of heaven at the exact time of any event happening, or when you first heard of it: then consider who is lord of the ascendant, and which planet disposes of ☉ and ☽ and see if either of these be in the ascendant, and, if more than one, take the most powerful; and let his position be well considered. If he be in good aspect with ☉, ♃, or ♀, there will no evil arise from the accident, rumour, or whatever the event may be; but if you find that planet weak in the scheme, combust, or in evil aspect to ♅, ♄, ♂, or ♀, there will be some evil occur. If you consider the afflicting planet and his nature and position, you may learn the nature of the misfortune. If it be the lord of the 3d, it will come through some kinsman or neighbour, or by some short journey; if the lord of the 2d cast the ray, or the evil planet be in the 2d, it denotes loss of money; 1 if the lord of the 4th. trouble about houses, &c., or by means of a father or wife's mother; if the 5th, by intemperance, or by children, &c., and so of the rest. 2



p. 97

QUERY.--What Mark, Mole, or Scar has the Querent on any Part of his Body? This is useful to prove that a question is radical, and to satisfy sceptics of the truth of the science.

When you have, upon any demand, erected the querent's figure, observe what member of man's body the ascending sign represents; for upon that part of his body will the querent have a mole, mark, or scar; as, if the ascendant be ♈, the same will be on the head; if ♉, it will be on the neck; if ♊, on the arms or shoulders, &c. 1 And also in the part ruled by the sign in which the lord of the ascendant is, will there be another mark.

The signs on the cusp of the 6th house, and that in which the lord of the 6th is, will give other marks on the parts they rule. Also the sign in which ☽ is found will give a mark in that part it governs.

If ♄ give the mark, it is dark, obscure, or black; ♂ usually gives a red mole; but if he be in a fiery sign, it is generally a cut or scar.

If the sign or planet signifying the mark or mole be much afflicted, the mark, &c. will be more obvious and eminent.

If the sign or planet be masculine, the mark is on the right side of the body; but if they be feminine, on the left side. And if the significator of the mole, &c. be above the horizon, the mark or mole will be on the fore part, or visible to the eye, or on the outside of the member, &c.; but if the planet be below the earth, it will be found on the inside, of


p. 98

hinder part, or not visible. If few degrees are on the cusp of the house, or the planet signifying the mole, &c. be in few degrees of the sign, the mark, mole, &c., will be in the upper part of the member. If they be in the middle of the sign, it will be in the middle of the member or part ruled by the sign. But if the latter degrees ascend, or are on the 6th, or their lords, or ☽ be in the latter degrees of a sign, then will the mark, mole, or scar be near the lower part of the member. If your question be radical, and the time rightly taken, the above rules will always exactly hold good. And so will they (mutatis mutandis) upon the body of the quesited; for if a person inquire concerning his wife, then the sign on the 7th and its lord will shew the woman's marks; and the sign on the 12th, (the 6th from the 7th), and its lord will shew two other marks.

Many times if the ☽ be in ☌ or ☍ ☉, the querent has some blemish in or near his eyes: and this is ever true, if the ☌ or ☍ be in angles, and ☽ or ☉ be afflicted by Mars. 1

Whether one absent be dead or alive?

If the quesited have no relation to the querent, then the


p. 90

ascendant, its lord, and ☽ shall signify the absent person. 1 But if the party inquired after be a relation, then take the house and its lord which signifies that relation; as the 3d for a brother or sister, The 4th for a father, the 6th for a paternal uncle or aunt, the 10th for a mother, &c.

In judging this question, see whether the quesited's lord of the 1st and 8th be joined corporally together in the 8th, or be in ☍ from the 6th or 8th. These are tokens of his being sick or near to death. See if there be any translation of light between the lord of his ascendant and the 8th, or if the lord of the 8th being in his ascendant, the lord of his ascendant be also in the 8th; or the lord of the 8th in the 4th, and the lord of the 4th in the 8th; these are all tokens that the party is dead; especially if his significator be much afflicted by ill aspects, and the evil planets be angular, and the good ones cadent.

If the lord of his ascendant be separating from ill aspect of the lord of the 6th, the absent party has been lately sick; if from the lord of the 8th, he has been near death, but is not dead, without other striking testimonies, as above, concur. If from the lord of the 12th, he has been troubled with anxiety about arrests or fear of imprisonment; and if his significator be in the 12th, he is in much trouble by means of a private enemy; and if in a fixed sign, and other testimonies of trouble agree, he is in prison. If he separate from the lord of the 2d by ill aspect, he is now suffering by want of money If from the lord of the 7th, he has had some quarrel or contention. If the 9th, trouble on journeys or by law, &c. and so of the other houses. I have ever found that if the lord of his ascendant be in the 9th, 10th, or 11th, though reported


p. 100

dead, he was alive. If you find him alive, and would know when you will hear from or see him, observe in the Ephemeris when the lord of the querent's 11th and the quesited's ascendant come to ✶ or △ aspect: about that time news of him will arrive. If the ☽ apply to ✶ or △ of his significator, then allow a day, week, or month, for each degree she be distant, according as the significators may be placed in angles, succeedent or cadent houses, and the signs be moveable, common, or fixed. 1


p. 101

Fig. 3.
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Fig. 3.



1st. If a Party might be found at Home?

2d. A Thing suddenly happening, whether Good or Ill is about to follow?

3d. What Moles or Marks the Querent has?

4th. If one absent be dead or alive?

p. 102

1st QUERY.---A Woman demanded whether her Son was with his Master at her own House?

In this figure, ♀ lady of the ascendant denotes the querent. The 5th house is that of children, and describes the matter inquired of. I found ♃, lord of the 5th, youth's significator, in the east angle; one argument that the party was at home at his mother's house. The ☽ was applying to ✶ of ♄ lord of the 4th, the significator of the querent's dwelling: I judged that she would find him there at her coming home: which she did. Now, had I found ♃, lord of the 5th, in the 10th, which house signifies the master; or had ☽ separated from ♃, the youth's significator, and then applied to ☉, the ☽ being in an angle, I would have judged him at his master's house. I considered further, that the 25th of July following at 2 P.M., the significators of the mother and son (♃ and ♀) came to △ aspect; and therefore I judged that she should see him at that time: which she did. For usually about that day when the significators come to ✶ or △ aspect (which may be seen in the Ephemeris), it is very probable that news of, or a letter from, the quesited will arrive, if the distance will permit. But if the querent and quesited be not far asunder, without question they meet on that very day.

Had the party inquired for been a stranger, he would have been denoted by ♂ lord of the 7th; and being in the 2d, a succeedent house, I should have said he is not at home, but yet not far from home. And as the sign ♐ is eastern, and the 2d house is north east, I should judge him in that direction; and as ♐ governs fields, hills, or high grounds, 1 should direct a messenger, if sent for him, to go in that direction, and look for him in such places; hut if it were in a town, as ♐ governs stables, fire-places, &c., I should cause him to be sought near a stable, smith's or butcher's shop, &c., as ♂ delights in such places.

p. 103

2d QUERY.--A Thing suddenly happening, whether Good or Ill is about to follow?

The ☉ is here lord of the sign he is in; ♃ is lord of ♓, where ☽ is; ♀ is lady of the ascendant, and is casting a △ to the ascendant, and is in △ to ♃, and he in the ascendant; from all which we might safely have judged, had this been the time of a sudden accident, or thing done, that it could not have redounded to the querent's injury. But had ♀ been nearer to ☍ of ♂, he being in the 2d, I should have of judged that the querent would have received some loss of money shortly, and so of the rest. 1

3d QUERY.--What Moles or Marks the Querent has?

I find 25° of ♎ ascending and ♃ in the ascendant, which signifies the face. This querent had a wart or mole on the right side of her face, near her mouth; for ♃ and ♎ are masculine. And as the latter degrees of ♎ ascend, so the querent confessed a mole on the lower part of her reins towards the haunches. ♈ being the sign of the 6th, shewed she had one on the forehead, near the hair, for the cusp of the house is but 4 degrees. ♂ lord of the 6th, being in ♐ a masculine sign and under the earth, shewed a mole on the right thigh, towards the middle of it, on the back part, or


p. 104

that part which is not visible. The ☽ in 27th degree of ♓, a feminine sign, under the earth, I told her she had one mole under and towards the extremity of her left foot.

The quesited being her son, had ♓ for his ascendant, which denoted a mole on the left side of his cheek; and as ♓ signifies the foot, so he had one on the left foot a little below the ancle, as few degrees ascend. The 6th from the 5th is the 10th in the figure, which having 4° ♌, shewed that near his right side, below his breast, he had some scar, mole, or mark.

In this way follow the directions of the rule.

4th QUERY.--Whether one absent be dead or alive?

In the aforesaid figure, the ascendant ♃ therein and ♀ its ruler, as also ☽, are the significators of the party absent. The ascending sign and ♃ therein describe his person; 1 and ☽ and ♀ shew his condition.

The ☽ and ♀ are free from any evil aspect of the lord of the 8th, and a benefit is in the ascendant, and ♀ in the 9th; I should therefore pronounce the absent in health. But ♀ having been recently in ☍ to ♂, lord of the 2d and 6th, he had been lately in trouble about money, and also inclined to a feverish state. But by ♃ in the ascendant, and in △ to ♀, I should say that medicine, or such a person as is described by ♃, had relieved him. And as ☿ lord of the 11th applies to a ☐ of ♃, (both of them in signs of long ascension, which is equivalent to a △) 2 I should judge the querent to have news of the absent about ten weeks from the time of the



p. 105

question, because ☿ wants ten degrees of the ☐ of ♃. If the absent be known to be at a short distance from the quesited, I should have judged that in ten days they should hear of him, because the signs are moveable. 1



96:1 the same if ⊕ receive evil rays approaching.

96:2 The nature of the planet casting the ray, also may be expected to shew the nature of the evil; ♂ shews robbers, &c., ♄ elderly persons, ☿ young persons and lawyers, ♅ unlooked-for and uncommon events, ♀ females, ☉ men in power, ♃ clergymen and magistrates, ☽ sailors, low people, mobs, &c. But note, that unless the benefit planets be lords of evil houses, their ill aspects do not import much evil. And if they be lords of good houses, or placed in good houses and strong, their good aspects denote benefits in the same manner; and in all cases ⊕ shews gain or loss, as it may be aspected; and ☊, with the chief significator, imports benefits, and ☋ the reverse.



Head and face.
Neck and throat.
Arms and shoulders.
Breast and stomach.
Heart and back.
Bowels and belly.

Reins and loins.
Secret members.
Hips and thighs.
Knees and hams.
Legs and ancles.
Feet and toes.


98:1 If ♃ give the mark, it will be bluish or purple; ♀ gives it yellow; ☿ a pale lead colour; ☉ olive or chesnut; and ☽ a whitish hue, or partly of the colour of the planets she aspects. The infortunes ♄ and ♂, especially when together, or in exact aspect, mark according to their position. If they be in the ascendant, a mole, &c. will be in the face; if in the 2d, on the neck; in the 3d, on the arms, &c.

And all these rules apply to the figure of birth, as well as horary figures; but defects, such as protrusion of the breast bone, or a humped back, &c. (to persons born with ♋ or ♌ rising), may sometimes be found in lieu of moles or scars. For example, her present majesty, having ♄ in ♓, which rules the feet, and situated near the cusp of the 12th house, at her birth, she has a weakness in her feet. Had one testimony only existed, and ♄ been in ♓ elsewhere, she would have merely had a mole on her foot.

90:1 We should always take the ascendant, &c. for the querent, and the 7th and its lord for the quesited. But if the figure be erected by an artist at his own suggestion, let the ascendant, &c. shew the absent person.

100:1 The most difficult thing in all questions is to judge of time with accuracy. I should advise the young student to be cautious of giving any judgment on this head, unless where it is the chief point desired to be known. In this case, and if the figure be very radical, and if the planet which is applying to the other be taken, the following rule will hold good:

Each Degree gives







Succeedent houses give weeks, months, and years, as the sign is moveable, common, or fixed; and cadent houses give months in moveable signs, years in common, and an indefinite time in fixed signs.---ZAD.

103:1 We consider that our author has been rather brief on this point, for numerous occasions occur where the mind is desirous of knowing the result when events happen. If ♀ had been within orbs of ♂ opposition, that is, half the distance of their united orbs, or 7°; we should have judged loss of money by a party shewn by ♀, and her situation considered with the houses she governs. As, for example, ♀ ruling the 12th, some private female enemy, among the relations of the wife or husband. because ♀ is in the 3d from the 7th house. And as ♂ is ☍ to ⊕, we should predict a loss by a servant (since ♂ rules the 6th); and as ⊕ is in the 8th, it might be by one who comes to char or go messages; if ⊕ had been in a watery sign, a washerwoman. But the general testimonies being good, we should say the evil will be but trifling. Experience will teach the student these points.

104:1 If no planet be in the ascendant of the party, look to the lord of the ascendant for a description of his person, according to the sign it is in, and judge by that and the sign ascending; but if the lord of the ascendant be much afflicted, the ☽, according to the sign she is in, must be taken.

104:2 This doctrine of the signs of long ascension, causing a ✶ to be equal to a ☐, and a ☐ to a △, and the reverse in signs of short ascension, can only be received in horary and mundane astrology; and not in nativities.

105:1 We should, in this latter case, prefer looking to the Ephemeris for a day when ☿ formed a △ of ♃ for hearing news, and when ♀ and ### came to ☌ for his return.




THE ascendant and the ☽ signify the ship and cargo; the lord of the ascendant, those that sail in her. If you find a malevolent, having dignities in the 8th, placed in the ascendant, or the lord of the ascendant in the 8th in ill configuration with the lords of the 8th, 12th, 4th, or 6th, or if the ☽ be combust, and under the earth, you may judge that the ship is lost, and the men drowned. But if you find reception between the significators at the same time, the ship was wrecked, but some of the crew escaped: if all the preceding significators be free from affliction, then both ship and cargo are safe; and if there be reception, the more so. If the ascendant and ☽ be unfortunate, and the lord of the ascendant fortunate, the ship is lost, but the men saved.

But when the querent demand, of any ship setting forth, and the state of the ship ere she return, and what may be hoped of the voyage; then, behold the angles of the figure, and see if the fortunes are therein, and the infortunes remote from angles, cadent, combust, or under the ☉ beams, then you may judge the ship will go safe with all her lading. But if you find the infortunes in angles, or succeeding houses,

p. 106

there will chance some hinderance unto the ship. If the infortune be ♄, the vessel will strike ground. If ♂, and he be in an earthy sign, he will signify the same, or very great danger and damage. But if the fortunes cast their benevolent rays to the place of ♄ or ♂, and the lords of the angles and of the dispositor of the ☽ be free, then the ship shall labour hard, and suffer damage, yet the greater part of the crew and cargo shall be preserved. If ♂ afflict the lords of the angles, and dispositor of ☽, the crew will be in danger by enemies or pirates; and if there be any additional evil configurations among these significators, there will be quarrels on board, thieving, and purloining, &c., with bloodshed: ♄ causes thefts only, if so situated, but no bloodshed.

If the signs afflicted by ♄, ♂, ☋ (and ♅, if he be ill aspected), be those that signify the vessel's bottom, or parts under water, she springs a leak; if the signs be unfortunate in the midheaven, fiery signs, and ♂ therein, there is danger of lightning or fire; if airy signs and ♀ afflict, damage by high winds. If ♂ be in the 4th, and afflicted, it denotes fire beneath; and if ♅ be with him, spontaneous combustion. If the sign be ♊, ♎, or ♒, she may be set on fire by an enemy.

If ♄ be in the midheaven, and shew damage, it will be by rotten sails or gear, and bad weather, foul winds, &c. An in-fortune in the ascendant shews damage to the fore part of the vessel; and if the lord of the ascendant be retrograde, it denotes that she will put into some harbour; and if he be in a moveable sign, she returns to the very port she sailed from. If the lord of the 8th afflict the lord of the 1st, and he in the 8th, the ship will be injured according to the nature of the planet afflicting. If he impedite the ☽'s dispositor, the lord of the ascendant and ☽, it shews the death of the master, and probably of his mate. If it be ⊕ which is afflicted, it

p. 107

foreshews evil to the cargo or a had market; but if ♃, ♀, or ☊ be in the second, or assist its lord, or the lord of ⊕, it shews good profit, which will be according to their strength.

If the lords of the ascendant, of the ☽ and their dispositors be slow in motion, the voyage will be long; if they be swift, the ship will return quickly. If there be ill aspects between the lord of the 1st and the dispositor of ☽ without reception, there will be discord among the seamen, and with them and the owner. If the lord of the ascendant be strongest, the seamen will prevail; but if the lord of the house where ☽ is, then the owner. If the dispositor of ⊕ be not with it, or the lord of the 2d be weak, there will be scarcity of provisions, and, if they be in watery signs, of fresh water.

PARTS of a Ship ruled by the SIGNS.

♈ The breast, or bows of the ship.

♉ The cutwater, and parts beneath.

♊ The rudder, or stem.

♋ The bottom, or floor.

♌ The upper works.

♍ The hold.

♎ The parts about the water's edge.

♏ The seamen's berths, or cabin.

♐ The seamen themselves.

♑ The ends of the vessel.

♒ The master, or captain.

♓ The oars, in galleys; the wheels, in steam-vessels; and the sails in others.

p. 108

<i>Fig</i>. 4.
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Fig. 4.



In December 1644, a merchant, in London, having sent a ship to the coast of Spain to trade, had several times news that his ship was wrecked. He would have given £60 per cent. to insure her, but no insurance company would meddle, no, not upon any terms. A friend of the merchant asked, What I thought of the ship, if sunk or living? I gave my opinion, that the ship was not lost, but did live, and though

p. 109

of late in some danger, yet was now recovered. My judgment was founded on the considerations in act following:

In the first place, the ascending degrees of Cancer shewed the bulk or body of the ship. I find ♄ casts his ☐ from a cardinal sign, out of the 11th house, very near to the ascendant. After his ☐ I find ☽ in her exaltation, casting a ✶ to the ascendant, interposing her ✶ between the ☍ aspects of ☿ and ☉ in the 7th, which otherwise had been dangerous, for all aspects to the ascendant in this judgment are dangerous. From the ascendant afflicted by ☐ of ♄, and presence of fixed stars of his nature, I judged the ship was of ♄'s nature, sluggish, heavy, and not very sound. And ♋, being a weakly sign, made me judge the ship was of such nature; (and it was so confessed). From hence, and ☋ in the 9th, I judged that the ship had been in some distress in her voyage, occasioned by such casualties as ♄ signifies, viz. some leak or damage in or near her breast, as ♈, the sign ♄ is in, represents that part.

But as ☽, lady of the ascendant, is in the 11th in her exaltation, in no way impedited, and by a benevolent △ aspect applying to ☉ and ☿, and is so near the body of ♃, and as all the significators are above the earth, and no infortunes in angles; I judged the ship, sailors, and officers, were safe, and in good condition. The next QUERY was--

Where the Ship was, upon what Coast, and when any News would come of her?

Herein I considered the ☽ was fixed, and in the 11th house; ♉ is a southern sign, but in an east quarter of heaven, verging to the south; her application is to △ of ☿, and he in ♑ a south sign and west angle; all this made me judge that the ship was south-west from London, and upon our own coasts, or near those which lie between Ireland and Wales. I judged her at that time to be in some harbour, because ♉, where ☽ is, is fixed, and in the 11th, or house of

p. 110

comfort and relief, and that she was put in to repair. (It proved that she was an a harbour in the west.)

Because ☽ applied to △ of ☿ and ☉, and they in an angle, and all three very swift in motion, and did want but a few minutes of a perfect △, I judged there would be news, or a certain discovery of the ship in a very short time. The significators being so near a perfect aspect, I said, either that night, or within two days, the news would arrive. (And so at proved.) And, observe, that it gave me good encouragement when I saw ⊕ disposed of by ♂, and that ☿, to whom ☽ applied, was in reception with ♂; also, that ☽ did so well apply to ☉, lord of the 2d, or house of substance: a sign that the merchant should gain by that adventure.

Besides, usually when ☽ applies to a good aspect of a retrograde planet, it brings the matter to an issue one way or other speedily, and when least expected; and it is a general maxim, that if ☽ apply to the fortunes, or by good aspect to any planet or planets in metes, it is reason that we hope well, &c.

p. 111

<i>Fig</i>. 5.
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Fig. 5.


EXAMPLE of another SHIP at SEA.

Here the ascendant and ☽ are significators of the ship, and those who sail in her. The ☽ lately separated from a ☐ of ♄, lord of the 8th and 9th, and afterwards applied to △ of ♄, then to ☍ of ☿, lord of the 12th and 4th houses. This shewed that the ship had lately been in danger of shipwreck: and as the ☽ had been void of course, so had no news been heard of her; for, after being in ☐ of ♄ in fixed signs, and at the time in a cadent house, and then not next

p. 112

applying to the good aspect of any benefit planet, but being void of course, and then again continuing her application out of the 4th to ♄, who is still lord of the 8th, though it was by good aspect; and then to ☍ of ☿, her dispositor, who is in his detriment and entering combustion; and, ♃, dispositor of ☿, subterranean, and ☌ with ♂ and in term of an infortune; and, moreover, as ♂ is in his fall near the cusp of the 2d, I judged, by all this, loss to the merchant. Besides ⊕, is in the 6th disposed by ♃, he retrograde and afflicted in the 2d in no aspect to ⊕, the ☽ also in ☐ to it, as also ☿. There being so many ill testimonies, I judged he would lose much, if not all, in this ship; and so consequently that she was cast away. (And so it proved.) The principal significator in the 4th and afflicted, was a sure sign of the ship sinking.




WHETHER the Querent shall be rich? or have a competent Fortune? By what Means attain it? The time when? and of it shall continue?

Whoever interrogates, the lord of the ascendant and the ☽ are invariably his significators.

Consider the sign on the 2d, its lord, and the planets therein, or aspecting the cusp or its lord; also the ⊕.

If you find the planets all angular or even succeedent, if direct and swift in motion, it is a good sign. If in good houses, direct, and moderately well dignified, it is also a good sign. Those two rules are general.

If the lord of the 1st, the ☽, and lord of the 2d, be joined together, or if they have good aspect to the lord of the 2d, or

p. 113

if ♃ or ♀ cast a good aspect to ⊕, or if the lord of the 2d or ☽ be in the ascendant, or lord of the 1st in the 2d, or benefits do ascend or be found unafflicted in the 2d, or ☊ be there, all these are testimonies that the querent need fear no poverty. As the significators may be strong, and the testimonies numerous, the querent shall be in proportion rich. Always remember to judge according to his condition in life; for, quoad capax, it shall happen to the interrogator.

By what Means attain it?

If the lord of the 2d be in the ascendant, he may gain a fortune unexpectedly, (especially if well aspected by ♅, and this planet be strong), or gain it without much labour. If the lord of the 2d or the Moon promise substance by any mutual aspect, observe from what house the aspect is, or what house ☽ rules; if neither of these promise substance, see what house ⊕ and its dispositor be in.

If the planet assisting be in the ascendant, the querent will gain by his own industry, and, if he be a mechanic, by his own labour, care, or invention. But if the assisting planet be not lord of the 2d, he will gain by well managing his own affairs, estate, &c.; or by such things as are of the nature of that planet, the sign he is in being also considered.

If the lord of the 2d be in the 2d, he shall profit by his own industry. If the lord of the 3d. benefit the lord of the 2d, ⊕, or other significators of wealth, he will be assisted by his neighbours, brethren, or kindred; or by removing to that quarter from whence the lord of the 3d throws the aspect.

The lord of the 4th gives wealth by means of his father, or some aged person; or by taking lands, or purchasing houses, &c.; or by well managing money lent him by his kindred or neighbours; or property left him by his ancestors.

p. 114

The lord of the 5th promises gain by cards or other gambling; or stock jobbing; or by holding office as an ambassador or messenger. If a man of low quality ask, by keeping an inn, &c., or being porter to some institution, or connected with theatres, &c., and such things as the 5th house denotes. It may be by well managing his father's estate, or receiving something thereout.

The lord of the 6th gives gain by servants, dealing in small cattle, &c., or by turning surgeon, &c., if capable.

The lord of the 7th gives gain by means of a wife, by the sword or warfare, by contracting bargains in his way of business, or by gaining some lawsuit, &c.

The lord of the 8th or planet therein denotes legacies, or a wife's portion, which may be unexpected at the time, (especially if ♅ assist), or he may suddenly go and settle in some country wherein he shall thrive and grow rich.

The lord of the 9th, &c., gives property by the wife's relations, or some neighbour of her's when he did marry; or some clergyman or lawyer shall befriend him; or if ♋ or ♓ be in the 9th, he may thrive by a distant sea voyage. But if an earthy sign be there, he may gain by removing to the part signified by that sign, and by dealing in the commodities belonging to that country, &c.

The lord of the 10th, &c. promises gain by the service of the king or some great man, holding office, &c. If the querent be young and of small fortune, let him learn some trade or business that may be shewn by the sign and planet in the 10th.

The 11th and its lord denote unexpected benefit by friends, or the employment of some king, nobleman or other great person.

If the fortunate aspect be cast from the 12th or by its lord, the querent will advance his fortune by great cattle or

p. 115

horse-races; or if the sign be human, that is, ♊ or ♒, by means of prisons, &c., such as being governor or turnkey of a jail, a sheriff's officer, &c. If the sign be ♈, ♉, or ♑, by cattle; if ♍, by corn. Herein mix your judgment with reason.

The most assured testimonies of riches are if the lords of the 1st, 2d, and ♃ be joined in the 2d, 1st, 10th, 7th, 4th, or 11th houses; or if not in ☌, if they apply by ✶ or △ and be in mutual reception. If they apply by ☐ or ☍, yet have reception, the querent will gain wealth, though with much labour and pains.

Signs of Poverty, and its Cause.

If you find that the querent will not be rich, and he desire to know why, that he may the better order his affairs and be wary of such difficulties as may threaten, then carefully observe as follows. The planet afflicting most the lords of the 2d and 1st, the ☽, ⊕, or their dispositors, or the cusp of the 2d or planet therein, shews the cause. If the lord of the 1st, then the querent himself is the cause, and the house in which he is found may shew how. The lord of the 2d shews want of money or sufficient capital to set up with. The lord of the 3d shews that his kindred or neighbours will oppose him much, or undersell him, &c. And in this way you may go through the twelve houses, judging the reverse of what you were instructed when the aspects, &c. were good.

Caution.--If the lord of the 2d or the dispositor of ⊕ be infortunes, yet be strong and well aspected, they may denote gain as well as ♃ or ♀, though with less satisfaction and more painstaking. Also ♃ or ♀ being afflicted, may obstruct as well as any other; for every planet must do the work for which he is by Providence assigned. Again, wherever ☋ may be found, he denotes evil by that house, as if in the 6th, by evil servants, sickness, &c.

p. 116

If the querent shall obtain the Substance he hath lent, or which he demands?

The lord of the ascendant and ☽ are the querent's significators, the lord of the 2d denotes his substance. 1

The 7th and its lord denote the person of whom he means to ask the money, and the 8th and its lord, &c., his property. Observe whether the lord of the ascendant or ☽ be joined with the significator of the quesited's property, or be in good aspect with such significator. If this be so, and that significator be a fortune or very strong, he shall assuredly receive the money. If he be an infortune, and there be reception between him and the querent's significator, the querent will also receive his money, &c.; but if the quesited's significator be an evil planet, and there be no reception, he will hardly ever gain his desire, or with so much delay and difficulty, he would rather wish the thing undone.

In like manner if the lord of the 8th be in the 2d with reception, it is a sign he shall gain his money, &c. But if the lord of the 7th or 8th be in the 1st or 2d without reception with the querent's significators or lord of the 2d, he shall not have his desire, but may rather expect prejudice in the thing demanded.

If the lord of the 1st and ☽ be joined to a fortune that has dignity in the sign ascending or intercepted in the ascendant, the matter will be effected; or if joined to an infortune having such dignity, with reception, the business will be dispatched. Or, if the significators be joined to a fortune in the 10th or 11th, though without reception, the matter shall be perfected.


p. 117

If one shall acquire Gain, or Profit, Salary, &c., from the Government, or any Nobleman, or Person of high Rank, &c.?

This question will serve for any other of the like nature, where the querent is much inferior in rank to the person he looks to for accomplishing his desires.

The ascendant, its lord and the ☽, represent the querent as usual, and the 10th and its lord the quesited. The 2d is the house of property for the querent, and the 11th for the person inquired about.

If you find the lord of the 1st or the ☽ joined to the lord of the 11th, or to any fortune in the 11th, not afflicted, you may affirm that the querent shall obtain his money, salary, or debt, &c. Or if it happen that the ☽ and lord of the ascendant be joined to an evil planet with reception, he may expect to succeed, but not without much solicitation, and many weary efforts. If there be any evil aspect between the significators, one being an infortune and without reception, the querent will never gain what he desires.

In this question be very careful to observe the planets' true essential dignities, and their mutual receptions, and by which of their mutual dignities they receive each other. 1

Of the Time when the aforesaid Events treated of in this Chapter may happen.

Herein diligently note to what planet the lord of the ascendant or ☽ applies, by ☌ or aspect. Consider how many degrees are wanting of the perfect aspect or ☌, and say that it shall be as many days as there are degrees, if they be both in cadent houses; if both in succeedent houses, so many weeks; if both in angles, so many months. But if the matter cannot possibly be effected in days or weeks, but requires


p. 118

much time, instead of months say years, and of weeks say months, and of days say weeks, &c. And if one planet be in an angle, and the other in a succeedent house, they shall signify months; one succeedent, and the other cadent, they denote weeks; and when one be angular and the other cadent, months. 1

Some of the ancients have said, that if, at the time of a question, the planet which signifies the perfection of the thing demanded be in the same sign with the lord of the ascendant, the matter shall be brought to conclusion when they come to bodily conjunction; if the lord of the ascendant be the heavier planet, and whether there he reception or not. But if the lord of the ascendant be the lighter planet, not without reception, unless they be in an angle when the conjunction hall be effected, or that the other planet be in one of his own houses, especially that which is termed his joy. 2

I have observed that reception by house, though the aspect were a ☐, or even ☍, brings things to perfection; but that other receptions avail not in this case.

As regards the time when; I find that if a fortune, or the ☽, or lord of the thing quesited, be in the ascendant, and have any essential dignities therein, the number of degrees between the planet and the cusp of the ascendant denote the time; days, if a moveable sign, and the business capable of being quickly perfected; months, or years, according to the sign and quality of the business.



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<i>Fig</i>. 6.
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Fig. 6.


EXAMPLE.--A tradesman of London, in the year 1634, propounded the following queries. I have seen the experience of my judgment.

QUERIES.--1st. If he should be Rich, or subsist himself without Marriage?

2d. By what Means he should attain Wealth?

3d. The Time when?

4th. If it would continue?


1st QUERY.--If the Querent should be Rich, or subsist himself without Marriage.

I first considered the general disposition of the planets,

p. 120

and found the major number, especially the fortunes, swift in motion, well posited, and not afflicted. Also, that ♀, lady of the ascendant, was near Cor Leonis, a star of great virtue and influence; ☽ increasing in light, ♃ almost culminating. Hence I formed this general judgment, that he should live in good rank and quality among his neighbours, &c. (quoad capax) according to his calling. Secondly, whether he should be rich or not? I considered that the lord of the 2d is in the ascendant, and being also lord of ⊕, is near Spica Virgina, in 18° ♎. 1 Then ♃ (a general significator of wealth) was in his exaltation and angular, casting his ☐ to the cusp of the ascendant, which ☐ in signs of long ascension we usually repute a △. 2 Also, that ☽ separated from a ✶ of ♂, lord of the 2d, &c., significator of the thing demanded, and ☌ of ☿, and applied to ☌ ♀, the querent's significator; transferring the light and virtue of both ♂ and ♀, to the proper significator of the querent. The dispositor of ☽ is ☉, and he strong and powerful, the ⊕ in a fixed sign, and in the terms of ♂; from all which I judged that the querent would acquire an estate, and have a competent fortune; but as it is signified by an infortune, that he would attain it by labour and care. (And so to this day he hath.) And as ♂, lord of the 7th (the house of marriage), hath the most material signification of the thing demanded, viz. wealth, I advised him to marry, and said, that without marriage he should not so well subsist.

2d QUERY.--By what Means he should attain Riches?

In this scheme, ♂ being the planet signifying wealth, as lord of the ⊕ and the second house, and placed in the ascendant,



p. 121

signifies property got by the querent's own industry. And as ♂ is lord of the 7th, I said, he would marry a woman who would produce him a good fortune; and it more than he could well look for, and of a settled nature; which I judged by ♀, lady of his wife's house of property, being so well fortified. And as ☽ was lady of the 10th, (house of trade), and was transferring the light of ☿ and ♂ to ♀ his significator, I advised him to be diligent in his profession, and that he would thereby gain a good estate. (He has since had a good fortune with his wife, money, and land, and been very successful in trade). Jupiter, so strong in the 10th, was an infallible sign (according to natural causes) of plenty of trade, or a gainful profession.

3d QUERY.--The Time when?

All the significators oriental, and five planets swift in motion, promise property in a short time after the question; and ♂, the chief significator of the thing inquired after, being swift in motion, argues the same. The distance from the ascendant to ♂ being about two degrees, signified about two years, at which time he had a portion with his wife. The ☽ wanted 6° 27' of her ☌ with ♀: hence I concluded that about 1640 he should have very great trading, and live in excellent repute; and as ♀ is seated on the cusp of the 11th, (or house of friends), that he should have many good friends, &c., by whom he should increase his estate.

4th QUERY.--If the Querent should continue rich?

This I resolved by the cusp of the 2d, which being a fixed sign and ⊕ therein, and ♃ in his exaltation and angular, and ♀, the dispositor of ♂, being in ♌, a fixed sign, as also the ☽ in ♌, all implied that he should continue in a plentiful estate, and that the riches God should bless him with would be permanent, and that he should never be reduced to want or poverty.

p. 122

There was only one thing arising out of the figure, of which I cautioned him. The ☉, lord of the 11th, beholds ⊕ by ☐, as also the cusp of the 2d; and as ☉ here signifies friends, I exhorted him to avoid confiding in solar men, though of much friendship with him. In all such cases describe the planet afflicting, and you give caution sufficient. 1



116:1 When any planets are found in a house signifying anything, they may he taken as well as the lord of the house,

117:1 Reception by house is the most powerful; then exaltation, triplicity,, and face: the latter is very weak.

118:1 There appears a species of confusion in this arrangement, which is the reverse of the usual system, of allowing angles to produce events quicker than cadents. We should advise the student to be careful in his experiments before he adopt it.


Joys of the Planets:

♒, ♄; ♐, ♃; ♏, ♂; ♎, ♀; ♍, ☿. These are not usually not noticed by modern astrologers.

120:1 This star has now advanced to 22° ♎.

120:2 Signs of long ascension, are ♋, ♌, ♍, ♎, ♏, ♐. Signs of short ascension, are ♑, ♒, ♓, ♈, ♉, ♊. In the former a ✶ is taken for a ☐, and a ☐ for a △; and in the latter, a ☐ is taken for a ✶, and a △ for a ☐. We advise the student to reject these distinctions, which only tend to create confusion.

122:1 The description of ☉ in ♌, would herein answer the exact kind of persons who might injure the querent's property.