An Introduction to Astrology (06-10)

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JUPITER is placed next to Saturn. He is the greatest in appearance to our eyes, of all the planets (the ☉, ☽, and ♀ excepted): in his colour he is bright, clear, and of an azure hue. In his motion he exceeds Saturn, finishing his course through the twelve signs, in 14 years, 314 days, and 12 hours; his middle motion is 4 minutes 52 seconds. His greatest north latitude is 1° 38'. His greatest south latitude is 1° 40'. He is retrograde about 120 days, is five days in his first station before retrogradation, and four days stationary before direction.

Nature.--He is a masculine planet, temperately hot and moist, and the greater fortune; author of temperance, modesty, sobriety, justice.

Manners and Actions when well placed.--Then he is magnanimous, faithful, bashful, aspiring in an honourable way at high matters; in all his actions a lover of fair dealing, desiring to benefit all men; doing glorious actions; honourable and religious, of sweet and affable conversation, wonderfully indulgent to his wife and children, reverencing aged men, a great reliever of the poor, full of charity and godliness; liberal, hating all sordid actions; just, wise, prudent, grateful and virtuous; so that when you find ♃ the significator of any man in question, and well dignified, you may judge him well qualified as aforesaid.

When ill dignified.--When ♃ is unfortunate, then he wastes his patrimony, suffers every one to cozen him, is hypocritically religious, tenacious, and obstinate in maintaining false tenets in religion; he is ignorant, careless, nothing caring for the love of his friends; of a gross. dull capacity;

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systematical, abasing himself in all companies, insinuating and stooping where no necessity is.

Corporature.--He signifies an upright, straight, and tall stature; brown, ruddy, and lovely complexion; of an oval or long visage, and full or fleshy; high forehead; large grey eyes; hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; much beard; a large deep belly; strong proportioned thighs and legs, his feet long, being the most uncomely parts of his body; in his speech he is sober, and of grave discourse.

Oriental.--The skin more clear, his complexion honey colour, or between a white and red, sanguine, ruddy colour; great eyes, the body more fleshy; generally some mole or scar on the right foot.

Occidental.--A pure and lovely complexion, the stature more short, the hair a light brown, or near a dark flaxen, and smooth; bald about the temple or forehead.

Quality in general.--He signifies judges, senators, counsellors, ecclesiastical men, bishops, priests, ministers, cardinals, chancellors, doctors of the civil law, young scholars and students in an university or college, lawyers, clothiers, woollen drapers.

Diseases.--Pleurisies, all infirmities in the liver, apoplexies, inflammation of the lungs, palpitation and trembling of the heart, cramps, pain in the back bone, all diseases lying in the veins or ribs, and proceeding from corruption of blood; quinzies, flatulence; all putrefaction in the blood, or fevers proceeding from too great abundance thereof.

Places.--He delights in being near altars of churches, in public conventions, synods, convocations; in places neat and sweet; in wardrobes, courts of justice, and oratories. 1 His greatest years are 428; his greater, 79; his mean, 45; least, 12.


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Men of middle age, or of a full judgment and discretion, are described by him. Babylon, Persia, Hungaria, Spain, Cullen, are ruled by him.  1



39:1 This implies, that the person inquired about in a horary question, if signified by ♃, frequents such places.

40:1 We have no opinion of the rule of the planets over different countries: but in mundane astrology the signs which rule them must be observed.




MARS does in order succeed Jupiter, is less in body, and appears to our sight of a shining, fiery, sparkling colour: he finishes his course in the zodiac in 1 year, 321 days, and 22 hours: his greatest latitude north is about 4° 31'; his south, 6° 47'; and is retrograde 80 days; stationary two or three. He governs wholly the watery triplicity, viz. ♋, ♏, and ♓.

Nature.--He is a masculine, nocturnal planet, in nature hot and dry, choleric and fiery; the lesser infortune, author of quarrels, strifes, and contentions.

Manners when well dignified.--In feats of war and courage invincible, scorning that any should exceed him; subject to no reason, bold, confident, immoveable, contentious, challenging all honour to themselves; valiant, lovers of war and things pertaining thereto, hazarding himself in all perils, unwilling to obey or submit to anybody; a boaster of his own acts; one that slights all things in comparison of victory, and yet of prudent behaviour in his own affairs.

When ill dignified.--Then he is a prattler, without modesty or honesty; a lover of slaughter and quarrels, murder, thievery, a promoter of sedition, frays, and commotions; an highway thief, as wavering as the wind, a traitor, of turbulent spirit, perjured, obscene, rash, inhuman, neither fearing God nor

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caring for man; unthankful, treacherous; oppressors, ravenous, cheaters, furious, and violent. 1

Corporature.--Generally martialists have this form; they are but of middle stature, their bodies strong, and their bones large, rather lean than fat; their complexion of a brown, ruddy colour, their visage round, their hair red or sandy, and many times crisping or curling; sharp, hazel, piercing eyes; a bold confident countenance; and they are active and fearless.

Oriental.--He signifies valiant men; some white mixed with their redness, inclined to be tall, and of a hairy body.

Occidental.--Very ruddy complexion, but low stature, little head, smooth body, and not hairy; yellow hair, stiff, and the natural humours generally more dry.

Qualities of Men and their Professions.--Generals of armies, colonels, captains, or any soldiers having command in armies; all manner of soldiers, physicians, apothecaries, surgeons, chemists, gunners, butchers, marshals, sergeants, bailiffs, hangmen, thieves, smiths, bakers, armourers, watchmakers, tailors, cutlers of swords and knives, barbers, dyers, cooks, carpenters, gamesters, bear-wards, tanners, and curriers, according as ♂ may be strong or weak.

Diseases.--The gall, tertian fevers, pestilent burning fevers, meagrims in the head,, carbuncles, the plague, and all plague sores, burnings, ringworms, blisters, phrensies, mad sudden distempers in the head, yellow jaundice, bloody flux, fistulas; all wounds and diseases in men's genitals, the stone both in the reins and bladder, scars or smallpox in the face. 2



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Mars causes all hurts by iron, the shingles, and such other diseases as arise by too much choler, anger, or passion.

Places.--Smiths' shops, furnaces, slaughter-houses, places where bricks or charcoal are burned, or have been burned; chimneys, and forges. 1

His orb is only seven degrees.

Years.--In man he governs the flourishing time of youth, and from 41 to 56; his greatest year is 264; greater 66, lower 40, and least 15.

Countries.--Saromatia, Lombardy, Batavia, Ferraria, Gothland.



41:1 These extremely evil qualities obtain only when the ☽ and ☿ are also very much afflicted.

41:2 ♂ coming to ill aspect of the ascendant by direction early in nativities generally causes either smallpox, measles, or scarlet fever; but if the nativity denote it, he may give hurts, wounds, fevers, &c.

42:1 To this may be added, cutlers' shops, and places where iron is manufactured in any manner, armouries, &c.




THE Sun is placed in the middle of all the planets, continually visible to all mortal men. He passes through all the twelve signs of the zodiac in one year: his mean motion is 59 minutes 8 seconds, yet his diurnal motion is sometimes 57 minutes 16 seconds, sometimes more, but never exceeding 61 minutes and 6 seconds. He always moves in the ecliptic, and is ever void of latitude. He has only the sign ♌ for his house, and ♒ for his detriment. He is exalted in the 19th degree of ♈, and receives his fall in 19° ♎.

The Sun governs the fiery triplicity, viz. ♈, ♌, ♐, by day. He is always direct, and never can be considered retrograde.

In nature.--He is naturally hot and dry, but more temperate

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than ♂; is a masculine, diurnal planet, and equivalent if well dignified to a fortune.

Manners when well dignified.--Very faithful, keeping their promises with the greatest punctuality; a kind of itching desire to rule and sway wherever he comes. Prudent, and of incomparable judgment; of great majesty and stateliness, industrious to acquire honour and a large patrimony, yet as willing to spend it again. The solar man usually speaks with gravity, but not many words, and these with great confidence and command of his own feelings; full of thought, secret, trusty, speaks deliberately, and, notwithstanding his great heart, he is affable, tractable, and very humane to all people; one loving sumptuousness and magnificence, and whatever is honourable; no sordid thoughts can enter his heart.

When ill dignified.--Then the solar man is arrogant and proud, disdaining all men, boasting of his pedigree; he is purblind in sight and judgment, restless, troublesome, domineering, a mere vapour, expensive, foolish, endowed with no gravity in words, or soberness. in actions; a spendthrift, wasting his patrimony, and hanging on other men's charity; yet he thinks all men are bound to him, because a gentleman born.

Corporature.--Usually the ☉ presents a man of a good, large, and strong corporature, a yellow, saffron complexion, a round large forehead, large goggle eyes, sharp and piercing; a body strong and well composed, not so beautiful as lovely; full of heat, with hair yellowish, and therefore quickly bald; much hair on their beard, and usually an high ruddy complexion; their bodies fleshy; in disposition they are very bountiful, honest, sincere, well-minded, of good heart; healthful constitution; very humane, yet sufficiently spirited, and not loquacious.

Oriental.--We can only say the ☉ is oriental in the figure,

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or in an oriental quarter of the figure, or occidental, &c. 1 The planets are oriental when they rise, or appear before him in the morning, and occidental when they set after him.

Quality of Men, and their Professions.--He signifies, kings, princes, emperors, &c. dukes, marquisses, earls, barons, lieu-tenants, deputy lieutenants of counties, magistrates, gentle-men in general, courtiers, desirers of honour and preferment. Justices of peace, mayors, high sheriffs, high constables, stewards of noblemen's houses, the principal magistrate of any city, town, castle, or country village; yea, even a petty constable, where no better is; goldsmiths, braziers, pewterers, coppersmiths, and minters of money.

Sicknesses.--Pimples in the face, palpitation or trembling, diseases of the brain and heart, infirmities of the eyes, cramps, sudden swoonings, diseases of the mouth and impure breath, catarrhs, putrid fevers. Principally in man he governs the heart and the brain; in women, the vital spirit, and denotes hysterics.

Places.--Houses or courts of princes, palaces, theatres, all magnificent structures, being clean and decent; halls, and dining rooms.

Orb.--Is 15 degrees.

Years.--In age he rules youth, or when one is at the strongest; his greatest years are 1460, 2 greater 120, lesser 69 and least 19.

Countries.--Italy, Sicily, Bohemia, Phenicia, and Chaldea.




44:1 In nativities the ☉ and ☽ are oriental between the 1st and 10th houses, and in the opposite quarter of the figure; they are occidental between the 10th and 7th houses, and in the opposite quarter: but in horary questions they are oriental between the 4th and 10th, and occidental after leaving the 10th, until they reach the 4th; oriental when rising, and occidental when setting.

44:2 It is a very remarkable fact, that this period is the sothic or canicular year of the Egyptians; whence it is pretty evident that these astrological doctrines came originally from that people, and are, in fact, of the very highest antiquity.




Name.--After the Sun succeedeth Venus.

Colour in the Element.--She is of a bright, shining colour, and is well known by the name of the evening star, or Hesperus; and that is when she appears after the Sun is set; she is commonly called the morning star, but by the learned Lucifer, when she is seen long before the rising of the Sun. Her mean motion is 59 minutes and 8 seconds; her diurnal motion is sometimes 62 minutes a-day, and 82 minutes she never exceeds. Her greatest latitude is 9° 2'. She is retrograde 42 days, and stationary 2. Her year is 224 days and 7 hours.

Element.--She is a feminine planet, temperately cold and moist; nocturnal, the lesser fortune, author of mirth and cheerfulness.

Manners and Quality when well dignified.--She signifies a quiet man, not given to law, quarrel, or wrangling; not vicious; pleasant, neat and spruce, loving mirth in his words and actions, cleanly in apparel, rather drinking much than gluttonous; prone to venery, often entangled in love matters, zealous in their affections, musical, delighting in baths and all honest merry meetings, or amusements and theatricals; easy of belief, and not given to labour, or take any pains; a company keeper, cheerful, nothing mistrustful, a right virtuous man or woman, often jealous, yet without cause.

When ill dignified. Then he is riotous, expensive, wholly given to dissipation and lewd companies of women, nothing regarding his reputation, coveting unlawful beds, incestuous,

p. 46

an adulterer, fantastical, a mere skip-jack, of no faith, no repute, no credit, spending his means in ale-houses, taverns, and among scandalous loose people; a mere lazy companion, nothing careful of the things of this life, or any thing religious.

Corporature.--A man of fair but not tall stature, his complexion being white, tending to a little darkness 1 which makes him more lovely, very fair, lovely eyes, and sometimes black; a round face and not large, fair hair, smooth and plenty of it, and it is usually of a light brown colour; a lovely mouth and cherry lips, the face pretty fleshy, a rolling wandering eye, a body very delightful, lovely, and exceedingly well shaped; one desirous of trimming and making himself neat and complete both in clothes and body, a love dimple in his cheeks, 2 a stedfast eye, and full of amorous enticements.

Oriental.--When oriental, the body inclines to tallness or a kind of upright straightness in person; not corpulent or very tall, but neatly composed; a right Venus person is a pretty, complete, handsome man or woman.

Occidental.--When she is occidental, the man is more short in stature, yet very decent and comely in shape and form, well liked of all.

Quality of Persons, and Employments.--Musicians, gamesters, silkmen, mercers, linen-drapers, painters, jewellers, players, lapidaries, embroiderers, woman-tailors, wives, mothers, virgins, choristers, fiddlers, pipers: when joined with the y; ballad-singers, perfumers, seamstresses, picture-drawers, engravers, upholsterers, limners, glovers, and such as sell those



p. 47

commodities which adorn women, either in body (as clothes) or in face (as complexion waters).

Sicknesses.--Diseases by her signified are principally in the matrix and members of generation; in the reins, belly, back, navel, and those parts; the gonorrhœa or running of the reins, lues venerea or any disease arising from inordinate lust, priapism, impotency in generation, hernias, &c., the diabetes, or an involuntary discharge of urine.

Orb.--Her orb is 7 degrees.

Years.--Her greatest years are 151; her greater 82, her mean 45, her least 8. In man she governs youth from 14 to 28.

Countries.--Arabia, Austria, Campania, Vienna, Polonia the Greater, Turin, Parthia, Media, Cyprus. 1



46:1 This signifies a pale or wan complexion, yet with a dark hue.

46:2 Those who have Venus strong, either in their nativities, or as their significators in questions, invariably have dimples either in the cheek or chin.

47:1 These observations are retained from respect to our author; but we must repeat, that it is ♉ and ♎ the houses of ♀, which govern these.




MERCURY is the least of all the planets, never distant from the Sun above 28 degrees; by which reason he is seldom visible to our sight.

Colour and Motion.--He is of a dusky silver colour; his mean motion is 59 minutes and 8 seconds, but he is sometimes so swift, that he moves above 1 degree and 40 minutes in one day. He is stationary one day, retrograde twenty-four days. His year is 87 days and 23 hours.

p. 48

Latitude.--His greatest south latitude is 3 degrees 35 minutes, greatest north latitude 3 degrees 33 minutes.

Nature.--We may not call him either masculine or feminine, for he is either the one or the other as joined to any planet; for if in ☌ with a masculine planet, he becomes masculine: 1 if with a feminine, then feminine; but of his own nature he is cold and dry, and therefore melancholy: with the good he is good, with the evil planets, ill; he is author of subtlety, tricks, devices, perjury, &c.

Manners when well dignified.--Being well dignified, he represents a man of a subtle and political brain and intellect, an excellent disputant or logician, arguing with learning and discretion, and using much eloquence in his speech; a searcher into all kinds of mysteries and learning, sharp and witty, learning almost any thing without a teacher; ambitious of being exquisite in every science, desirous naturally to travel and see foreign parts; a man of an unwearied fancy, curious in the search of any occult knowledge, able by his own genius to produce wonders, given to divination and the more secret knowledge. If he turn merchant, no man exceeds him in way of trade, or invention of new ways whereby to obtain wealth.

Manners when ill dignified.--A troublesome wit, a kind of phrenetic man, his tongue and pen against every man; wholly bent to fool his estate and time in loquacity and trying nice conclusions to no purpose, a great liar, boaster, prattler, busybody; false; a tale-carrier, addicted to wicked arts, as necromancy, and such like ungodly knowledges; easy of belief, an ass or very idiot, constant in no place or opinion, cheating and thieving everywhere; a newsmonger, pretending all manner of knowledge, but void of true or solid learning;


p. 49

a trifler, a mere frantic fellow; if he prove a divine, then a mere verbal fellow, frothy, of no judgment, easily perverted, constant in nothing but idle words and bragging.

Corporature.--Generally he denotes one of an high stature, and straight, thin, spare body; a high forehead, and somewhat narrow long face, long nose, fair eyes, neither perfectly black nor grey, thin lips and nose, little hair on the chin, but much on his head, and of a sad brown inclining to blackness; long arms, fingers, and hands; his complexion like an olive or chesnut colour. You must observe ☿ more than all the planets; for having any aspect to a planet, he partakes more of the influence of that planet than any other does; if with ♄, then heavy; with ♃, more temperate; with ♂, more rash; with ☉, more genteel; with ♀, more jesting; with ☽, more changeable.

Oriental.--When he is oriental, his complexion is honey-colour, or like one sunburnt; in the stature of his body not very high, but well jointed; small eyes, not much hair; in very truth, according to the height of body, very well composed, but still a defect in the complexion, swarthy brown, and in the tongue all for his own interest.

Occidental.--When occidental, a tawny visage, lank body, small slender limbs, hollow eyes, either sparkling, red or fiery; the whole frame of body inclining to dryness.

Quality of Men and Professions.--He generally signifies all literary men, philosophers, mathematicians, astrologians, 1 merchants, secretaries, writers, sculptors, poets, orators, advocates, schoolmasters, stationers, printers, exchangers of money, attorneys, ambassadors, commissioners, clerks, artificers, generally accomptants, solicitors; sometimes thieves, prattling ministers, busy secretaries, and they unlearned; grammarians, tailors, carriers, messengers, footmen, usurers.


p. 50

Sickness.--All vertigos, lethargies, or giddiness in the head; madness, either lightness or any disease of the brain; phthisic; all stammering and imperfection in the tongue, vain and fond imaginations, all defects in the memory, hoarseness, dry coughs, too great abundance of spittle, all snaffling and snuffling in the head or nose; the hand and feet gout, dumbness, foul or diseased tongue; all evils in the fancy and intellectual parts.

Orb.--His orb is 7 degrees.

Years.--His greatest years are 450, his greater 76, his mean 48, his little or least 20.

Countries.--He has Grecia, Flanders, Egypt. Of towns, Paris.


48:1 This applies to aspects also; but, of course, only in horary questions.

49:1 This more especially if with or in good aspect to Herschel.