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Louis XV

MINORITY OF Louis XV. (SEPTEMBER 1, 1715). [I. 131.]

Century III.--Quatrain 15.

Coeur, vigueur, gloire, le regne changera.
De tous points contre ayant son adversaire:
Lors France enfance par mort subjuguera;
Un grand Regent sera lors plus contraire.


Heart, vigour, glory, change with change of reign,--
At every point opposed by something cross:
An infant is set up in France by death;
And a great Regent helps the contrary.

WITH the death of Louis XIV., the splendour of his reign will pass away, and every point show contrary in his successor. By failure of direct inheritors of the throne, Louis XV., a child of five will rule, under Philippe d'Orleans (un grand Regent), whose vices will show him more contrary to Louis XIV. than even to Louis XV.

DECADENCE OF MONARCHY (1715-1774). [I. 132.]

Century V.--Quatrain 38.

Ce grand monarque qu'au mort succedera, 1
Donnera vie illicite lubrique,
Par nonchalance à tous concedera,
Qu'à la parfin faudra 2 la loy Salique.




He who succeeds to the great monarch dead, will lead an evil and illicit life. By his neglectful habit he will entrust business to the managementp. 145 of others, so that at last (à la parfin, per finem) the Salic law will fail.

In other words, this is a plain announcement that the reign of Louis XV. will serve as a simple prelude or introduction to the establishment of a Republic; the annihilation of the Salic law; and of the French throne.


144:1 Ordo. He who shall succeed to the great monarch dead.

144:2 Faudra, future tense of faillir, fail, or disappear.