The Prophecies of Nostradamus - Century VIII

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PAv, nay, loron plus feu qu'à sang sera,
Laude nager, fuir grand aux surrez.
Les agassas entrée refusera,
Pampon, Durance les tiendra enserrez.

Pau, Nay, Loron will be more of fire than blood,
to swim in praise, the great one to flee to the confluence (of rivers).
He will refuse entry to the magpies
Pampon and the Durance will keep them confined.


VIII 1 *

Several will be confused in their waiting,
Pardon will not be given the inhabitants:
Those who thought well of persisting in the waiting,
But not much spare time will be given them.



Condon & Aux & autour de Mirande
Ie voy du ciel feu qui les enuironne.
Sol Mars conioint au Lyon, puis Marmande
Foudre, grand gresle, mur tombe dans Garonne.

Condom and Auch and around Mirande,
I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande,
lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne.


VIII 2 *

Several will come, and speak of peace,
Between Monarchs and very powerful lords:
But it will not be accorded so soon,
Unless they become more obedient than the others.



Au fort chasteau de Vigilanue & Resuiers
Sera serré le puisnay de Nancy :
Dedans Turin seront ards les premiers,
Lors que de dueil Luon sera transy.

Within the strong castle of Vigilance and Resviers
the younger born of Nancy will be shut up.
In Turin the first ones will be burned,
when Lyons will be transported with grief.


VIII 3 *

Alas what a fury ! Alas what a pity
Will there be between people:
never did one see such a friendship
As the wolves will have diligent in running.



Dedans Monech le coq sera receu,
Le Cardinal de France apparoistra
Par Logarion Romain sera deceu,
Foiblesse à l'Aigle, & force au Coq naistra.

The cock will be received into Monace,
the Cardinal of France will appear;
He will be deceived by the Roman legation;
weakness to the eagle, strength will be born to the cock.


VIII 4 *

Many people will want to come to terms
With the great lords who will bring war upon them:
They will not want to hear anything of it from them,
Alas! if Gos does not send peace to the earth.



Apparoistra temple luisant orné,
La lampe & cierge à Borne & Bretueil,
Pour la Lucerne le canton destorné,
Quand on verra le grand Coq au cercueil.

There will appear a shining ornate temple,
the lamp and the candle at Borne and Breteuil.
For the canton of Lucerne turned aside,
when one will see the great cock in his shroud.


VIII 5 *

Varieties of aid will come from all sides,
From distant people who will want to resist:
Suddenly they will be much urged on,
But they will be unable to assist at that hour.



Clarté fulgure à Lyon apparante
Luysant, print Malte, subit sera estrainte,
Sardon, Mauris traitera deceuante,
Geneue à Londres à Coq trahison fainte.

Lighting and brightness are seen at Lyons shining,
Malta is taken, suddenly it will be extinguished.
Sardon, Maurice will act deceitfully,
Geneva to London, feigning treason towards the cock.


VIII 6 *

Alas, what ambition foreign Princes have,
Take careful heed lest they come into your country:
There should be terrible dangers
And in many countries, even in Vienna.



Verceil, Milan donra intelligence,
Dedans Tycin sera faite la paye.
Courir par Seine eau, sang feu par Florence,
Vnique choir d'hault en bas faisant maye.

Vercelli, Milan will give the news,
the wound will be given at Pavia.
To run in the Seine, water, blood and fire through Florence,
the unique one falling from high to low calling for help.



Prés de Linterne dans de tonnes fermez,
Chiuaz fera pour l'Aigle la menée,
L'esleu cassé luy ses gens enfermez,
Dedans Turin rapt espouse emmenée.

Near Focia enclosed in some tuns
Chivasso will plot for the eagle.
The elected one driven out, he and his people shut up,
rape with Turin, the bride led away.



Pendant que l'Aigle & le Coq à Sauone
Seront vnis, Mer, Leuant & Ongrie.
L'armée à Naples, Palerme, Marque d'Ancone
Rome, Venise par Barbe horrible crie.

While the eagle is united with the cock at Savonna,
the Eastern Sea and Hungary.
The army at Naples, Palermo, the marches of Ancona,
Rome and Venice a great outcry by the Barbarian.



Puanteur grande sortira de Lausanne,
Qu'on ne sçaura l'origine du fait.
Lon mettra hors tout la gent loingtaine
Feu veu au ciel, peuple estranger deffait.

A great stench will come from Lausanne,
but they will not know its origin,
they will put out all people from distant places,
fire seen in the sky, a foreign nation defeated.



Peuple infiny paroistra à Vicence
Sans force feu brusler la basilique
Prés de Lunage deffait grand de Valence,
Lors que Venise par mort prendra pique.

A multitude of people will appear at Vicenza
without force, fire to burn the Basilica.
Near Lunage the great one of Valenza defeated:
at a time when Venice takes up the quarrel through custom.



Apparoistra aupres de Buffalore
L'hault & procere entré dedans Milan
L'abbé de Foix auec ceux de sainct Morre
Feront la forbe habillez en vilain.

He will appear near to Buffalora
the highly born and tall one entered into Milan.
The Abbe of Foix with those of Saint-Meur
will cause damage dressed up as serfs.



Le croisé frere par amour effrenée
Fera par Praytus Bellerophon mourir,
Classe à mil ans la femme forcenée
Beu le breuuage, tous deux apres perir.

The crusader brother through impassioned love
will cause Bellerophon to die through Proteus;
the fleet for a thousand years, the maddened woman,
the potion drunk, both of them then die.



Le grand credit d'or & d'argent l'abondance
Fera aueugler par libide l'honneur.
Sera cogneu sera d'adultere l'offense
Qui paruiendra à ƒon grand deshonneur.

Le grand credit, d'or, d'argent l'abondance
Aueuglera par libide l'honneur.
Cogneu ƒera d'adultere l'offenƒe,
Qui paruiendra à ƒon grand deshonneur.

Le grand credit, d'or d'argent l'abondance
Aueuglera par libide l'honneur :
Cogneu sera d'adultere l'offense,
Qui paruiendra à son grand deshonneur.

The great credit of gold and abundance of silver
will cause honor to be blinded by lust;
the offense of the adulterer will become known,
which will occur to his great dishonor.



Vers Aquilon grands efforts par hommasse
Presque l'Europe & l'vniuers vexer,
Les deux eclypses mettra en telle chasse,
Et aux Pannons vie & mort renforcer.

Great exertions towards the North by a man-woman
to vex Europe and almost all the Universe.
The two eclipses will be put into such a rout
that they will reinforce life or death for the Hungarians.



Au lieu que Hieron feit sa nef fabriquer
Si grand deluge sera & si subite,
Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'ataquer,
L'onde monter Fesulant Olympique.

At the place where HIERON has his ship built,
there will be such a great sudden flood,
that one will not have a place nor land to fall upon,
the waters mount to the Olympic Fesulan.



Les bien-aiƒez ƒubit ƒeront deƒmis,
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble.
Cité marine ƒaiƒiront ennemis,
Faim, feu, ƒang, peƒte, & de tous maux le double.

Les bien aisez subit seront desmis,
Le monde mis par les trois freres en trouble.
Cité marine saisiront ennemis,
Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de tous maux le double

Les bien aiƒez ƒubit ƒeront demis.
Le monde mis par les trois freré en trouble.
Cité marine ƒaiƒiront ennemis.
Faim, feu, ƒang, peƒte, & de tous maux le double.

Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
the world put into trouble by three brothers;
their enemies will seize the marine city,
hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.



De Flore issuë de sa mort sera cause,
Vn temps deuant par ieusne & vieille bueyre
Car les trois lys luy feront telle pause,
Par son fruit sauue comme chair cruë mueyre.

De FLORE iƒƒue de ƒa mort ƒera cauƒe :
Vn temps deuant par ieune & vieille bueyre.
Car les trois Lis luy feront telle pauƒe,
Par ƒon fruit ƒauue, *

De Flore iƒƒuë de ƒa mort ƒera cauƒe,
Un temps deuant par ieune & vieille bueyre.
Car les trois lys luy feront telle poƒe,
Par ƒon fruit ƒauue comme chair cruë mueyre.

The cause of her death will be issued from Florence,
one time before drunk by young and old;
by the three lilies they will give her a great pause.
Save through her offspring as raw meat is dampened.



A soustenir la grand cappe troublée,
Pour l'esclaircir les rouges marcheront,
De mort famille sera presque accablée,
Les rouges rouges le rouge assommeront.

To support the great troubled Cappe;
the reds will march in order to clarify it;
a family will be almost overcome by death,
the red, red ones will knock down the red one.



Le faux message par election fainte
Courir par vrben rompuë pache arreste,
Voix aceptées, de sang chapelle tainte,
Et à vn autre l'empire contraincte.

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one.



Au port de Agde trois fustes entreront
Portant l'infect non foy & pestilence
Passant le pont mil milles embleront,
Et le pont rompre à tierce resistance.

Three foists will enter the port of Agde
carrying the infection and pestilence, not the faith.
Passing the bridge they will carry off a million,
the bridge is broken by the resistance of a third.



Gorsan, Narbonne, par le sel aduertir
Tucham, la grace Parpignan trahie,
La vie rouge n'y voudra consentir,
Par haulte voldrap gris vie faillie.

Coursan, Narbonne through the salt to warn
Tuchan, the grace of Perpignan betrayed;
the red town will not wish to consent to it,
in a high flight, a copy flag and a life ended.



Lettres trouuées de la Royne les coffres,
Point de subscrit sans aucun nom d'autheur,
Par la police seront cachez les offres,
Qu'on ne sçaura qui sera l'amateur.

Letters are found in the queen's chests,
no signature and no name of the author.
The ruse will conceal the offers;
so that they do not know who the lover is.



Lieutenant à l'entrée de l'huys
Assommera le grand de Parpignan,
En se cuidant sauuer à Montpertuis.
Sera deceu bastard de Lusignan.

The lieutenant at the door of the house,
will knock down the great man of Perpignan.
Thinking to save himself at Montpertuis,
the bastard of Lusignan will be deceived.



Cœur de l'amant ouuert d'amour fertiue
Dans le ruisseau fera rauir la Dame,
Le demy mal contrefera lassiue,
Le pere à deux priuera corps de l'ame.

The heart of the lover, awakened by furtive love
will ravish the lady in the stream.
She will pretend bashfully to be half injured,
the father of each will deprive the body of its soul.



De Caton es trouuez en Barselonne,
Mys descouuers lieu terrouers & ruyne,
Le grand qui tient ne tient voudra Pamplonne.
Par l'abbage de Montferrat bruyne.

The bones of Cato found in Barcelona,
placed, discovered, the site found again and ruined.
The great one who holds, but does not hold,
wants Pamplona, drizzle at the abbey of Montserrat.



La voye auxelle l'vn sur l'autre fornix.
Du muy de ser hor mis braue & genest,
L'escript d'empereur le fenix
Veu en celuy ce gu'à nul autre n'est.

The auxiliary way, one arch upon the other,
Le Muy deserted except for the brave one and his genet.
The writing of the Phoenix Emperor,
seen by him which is (shown) to no other.



Les simulachres d'or et d'argent enflez,
Qu'apres le rapt lac au feu furent iettez
Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre escripts, perscripts interiettez.

The copies of gold and silver inflated,
which after the theft were thrown into the lake,
at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt.
All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.



Au quart pillier l'on sacre à Saturne.
Par tremblant terre & deluge fendu
Sous l'edifice Saturin trouuée vrne,
D'or Capion rauy & puis rendu.

At the fourth pillar which they dedicate to Saturn
split by earthquake and by flood;
under Saturn's building an urn is found
gold carried off by Caepio and then restored.



Dedans Tholose non loing de Beluzer
Faisant vn puis loing, palais d'espectacle
Thresor trouué vn chacun ira vexer,
Et en deux locs tout & prés des vesacle.

In Toulouse, not far from Beluzer
making a deep pit a palace of spectacle,
the treasure found will come to vex everyone
in two places and near the Basacle.



Premier grand fruict le Prince de Pesquiere :
Mais puis viendra bien & cruel malin,
Dedans Venise perdra sa gloire fiere,
Et mis à mal par plus ioyue Celin.

The first great fruit of the prince of Perchiera,
then will come a cruel and wicked man.
In Venice he will lose his proud glory,
and is led into evil by then younger Selin.



Garde toy roy Gaulois de ton nepueu,
Qui fera tant que ton vnique fils
Sera meurtry à Venus faisant vœu,
Accompagné denuict que trois & six.

French king, beware of your nephew
who will do so much that your only son
will be murdered while making his vows to Venus;
accompanied at night by three and six.



Le grand naistra de Veronne & Vincence,
Qui portera vn surnom bien indigne.
Qui à Venise vouldra faire vengeance.
Luy mesme prins homme du guet & signe.

The great one who will be born of Verona and Vincenza
who carries a very unworthy surname;
he who at Venice will wish to take vengeance,
himself taken by a man of the watch and sign.



Apres victoire du Lyon au Lyon,
Sus la montagne de Ivra Secatombe,
Delues & brodes septiesme million,
Lyon, Vlme à Mausol mort & tombe.

After the victory of the Lion over the Lion,
there will be great slaughter on the mountain of Jura;
floods and dark-colored people of the seventh ( of a million ),
Lyons, Ulm at the mausoleum death and the tomb.



Dedans l'entrée de Garonne & Bayse,
Et la forest non loing de Damazan
Du marsaues gelées, puis gresle & bize
Dordonnois gelle par erreur de Mezan.

At the entrance to Garonne and Baise
and the forest not far from Damazan,
discoveries of the frozen sea, then hail and north winds.
Frost in the Dardonnais through the mistake of the month.



Sera commis conte oindre aduché
De Saulne & sainct Aulbin & Belœuure
Pauer de marbre de tous loing espluché
Non Bleteran resister & chef d'œuure.

It will be committed against the anointed brought
from Lons le Saulnier, Saint Aubin and Bell'oeuvre.
To pave with marble taken from distant towers,
not to resist Bletteram and his masterpiece.



La forteresse aupres de la Tamise
Cherra par lors, le Roy dedans serré,
Aupres du pont sera veu en chemise
Vn deuant mort, puis dans le fort barré.

The fortress near the Thames
will fall when the king is locked up inside.
He will be seen in his shirt near the bridge,
one facing death then barred inside the fortress.



Le Roy de Bloys dans Auignon regner
Vn autre fois le peuple emonopolle,
Dedans le Rosne par murs fera baigner
Iusques à cinq le dernier prés de Nolle.

The King of Blois will reign in Avignon,
once again the people covered in blood.
In the Rhône he will make swim
near the walls up to five, the last one near Nolle.



Qu'aura esté par prince Bizantin,
Sera tollu par prince de Tholose :
La foy de Foix par le chef Tholentin,
Luy faillira ne refusant l'espouse.

He who will have been for the Byzantine prince
will be taken away by the prince of Toulouse.
The faith of Foix through the leader of Tolentino
will fail him, not refusing the bride.



Le ƒang du iuƒte par Taurer la Daurade,
Pour ƒe venger contre les Saturnins
Au nouueau lac plongeront la maynade,
Puis marcheront contre les Albanins.

Le ƒang du iuƒte par Taur & la Dorade,
Pour ƒe vanger contre les Saturnins,
Au nouueau lac plongeront la mainade :
Puis marcheront contre les Albanins.

Le sang du Iuste par Taur & la Dorade.
Pour se venger contre les Saturins
Au nouueau lac plongeront la mainade,
Puis marcheront contre les Albanins.

The blood of the Just for Taur and La Duarade
in order to avenge itself against the Saturnines.
They will immerse the band in the new lake,
then they will march against Alba.



Esleu sera Renad ne sonnant mot,
Faisant le saint public viuant pain d'orge,
Tyrannizer apres tant à vn cop,
Mettant à pied des plus grands sur la gorge,

a fox will be elected without speaking one word,
appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,
afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant
putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.



Par auarice, par force & violence
Viendra vexer les siens chefs d'Orleans,
Prés sainct Memire assault & resistance,
Mort dans sa tante diront qu'il dort leans.

Through avarice, through force and violence
the chief of Orléans will come to vex his supporters.
Near St. Memire, assault and resistance.
Dead in his tent they will say he is asleep inside.



Par le decide de deux choses bastars,
Nepueu du sang occupera le regne,
Dedans lectoyre seront les coups de dards
Nepueu par pleira l'enseigne.

Through the fall of two bastard creatures
the nephew of the blood will occupy the throne.
Within Lectoure there will be blows of lances,
the nephew through fear will fold up his standard.



Le procreé naturel dogmion,
De sept à neuf du chemin destorner
A roy de longue & amy au my hom,
Doit à Nauarre fort de Pav prosterner.

The natural offspring off Ogmios
will turn off the road from seven to nine.
To the king long friend of the half man,
Navarre must destroy the fort at Pau.



La main escharpe & la iambe bandée,
Longs puis nay de Calais portera,
Au mot du guet la mort sera tardée,
Puis dans le temple à Pasques saignera.

With his hand in a sling and his leg bandaged,
the younger brother of Calais will reach far.
At the word of the watch, the death will be delayed,
then he will bleed at Easter in the Temple.



Pol mensolée mourra trois lieuës du rosne,
Fuis les deux prochains tarasc destrois :
Car mars fera le plus horrible trosne,
De coq & d'Aigle de France freres trois.

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome,
the two nearest flee the oppressed monster.
When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
the Cock and the Eagle, France and the three brothers.



Lac Trasmenien portera tesmoignage,
Des coniurez sarez dedans Perouse
Vn despolle contrefera le sage,
Tuant Tedesq de sterne & minuse.

Lake Trasimene will bear witness
of the conspirators locked up inside Perugia.
A fool will imitate the wise one,
killing the Teutons, destroying and cutting to pieces.



Saturne en Cancer, Iupiter auec Mars,
Dedans Feurier Caldondon saluaterre.
Sault Castallon assaily de trois pars,
Pres de Verbiesque conflit mortelle guerre.

Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter with Mars
in February Chaldondon'salva tierra.
Sierra Morena besieged on three sides
near Verbiesque, war and mortal conflict.



Satur au beuf ioue en l'cau, Mars en fleiche,
Six de Feurier mortalité donra,
Ceux de Tardaigne à Bruge si grand breche,
Qu'à Pontereso chef Barbarin mourra.

Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars in Sagittarius,
the sixth of February brings death.
Those of Tardaigne so great a breach at Bruges,
that the barbarian chief will die at Ponteroso.



La pestilence l'entour de Capadille,
Vne autre faim pres de Sagone s'appreste :
Le cheualier bastard de bon senille,
Au grand de Thunes fera trancher la teste.

The plague around Capellades,
another famine is near to Sagunto;
the knightly bastard of the good old man
will cause the great one of Tunis to lose his head.



Le Bizantin faisant oblation,
Apres auoir Cordube à soy reprinse :
Son chemin long repos pamplation,
Mer passant proy par la Colongna prinse.

The Byzantine makes an oblation
after having taken back Cordoba.
A long rest on his road, the vines cut down,
at sea the passing prey captured by the Pillar.



Le roy de Bloys Auignom regner,
D'Amboise & seme viendra le long de Lyndre
Ongle à Poytiers sainctes aisles ruyner
Deuant Boni.

The king of Blois to reign in Avignon,
from Amboise and Seme the length of the Indre:
claws at Poitiers holy wings ruined
before Boni. . . .



Dedans Bologne voudra lauer ses fautes,
Il ne pourra au temple du soleil,
Il volera faisant chose si hautes,
En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil.

Within Boulogne he will want to wash away his misdeeds,
he cannot at the temple of the Sun.
He will fly away, doing very great things:
In the hierarchy he had never an equal.



Soubs la couleur du traicté mariage,
Fait magnanime par grand Chyren selin,
Quintin, Arras recouurez au voyage
D'espagnols fait second banc macelin.

Under the color of the marriage treaty,
a magnanimous act by the Chyren Selin:
St. Quintin and Arras recovered on the journey;
By the Spanish a second butcher's bench is made.



Entre deux fleuues se verra enserré,
Tonneaux & caques vnis à passer outre,
Huict ponts rompus chef à tant enferré,
Enfans parfaicts sont igulez en coultre.

He will find himself shut in between two rivers,
casks and barrels joined to cross beyond:
eight bridges broken, their chief run through so many times,
perfect children's throats slit by the knife.



La bande foible le tertre occupera
Ceux du haut lieu feront horribles cris,
Le gros troupeau d'estre coin troublera,
Tombe pres D. nebro descouuers les escris.

The weak band will occupy the land,
those of high places will make dreadful cries.
The large herd of the outer corner troubled,
near Edinburgh it falls discovered by the writings.



De souldat simple paruiendra en empire,
De robe courte paruiendra à la lonque
Vaillant aux armes en eglise ou plus pyre,
Vexer les prestres comme l'eau faict l'esponge.

From simple soldier he will attain to Empire,
from the short robe he will grow into the long.
Brave in arms, much worse towards the Church,
he vexes the priests as water fills a sponge.



Regne en querelle aux freres diuisé,
Prendre les armes & le nom Britannique
Tiltre d'Anglican sera tard aduisé,
Surprins de nuict mener à l'air Gallique.

A kingdom divided by two quarreling brothers
to take the arms and the name of Britain.
The Anglican title will be advised to watch out,
surprised by night ( the other is ), led to the French air.



Par deux fois haut, par deux fois mis à bas
L'orient aussi l'occident foiblira
Son aduersaire apres plusieurs combats,
Par mer chassé au besoing faillira.

Twice put up and twice cast down,
the East will also weaken the West.
Its adversary after several battles
chased by sea will fail at time of need.



Premier en Gaule, premier en Romanie,
Par mer & terre aux Anglois & Paris,
Merueillex faits par celle grand meƒnie,
Violant Terax perdra le NORLARIS.

Premier en Gaule, premier en Romanie,
Par mer & terre, aux Anglois & Paris.
Merueillex faits par celle grand meƒnie.
Violant, tenax perdra le NORLARIS.

Premier en Gaule, premier en Romanie,
Par mer & terre aux Anglois & Paris
Merueillex faits par celle grand mesnie
Violant, terax perdra le Norlaris.

First in Gaul, first in Romania,
over land and sea against the English and Paris.
Marvelous deeds by that great troop,
violent, the wild beast will lose Lorraine.



Iamais par le decouurement du iour
Ne paruiendra au signe sceptrifere
Que tous ses sieges ne soient en seiour,
Portant au coq don du Tag amifere.

Never by the revelation of daylight
will he attain the mark of the scepter bearer.
Until all his sieges are at rest,
bringing to the Cock the gift of the armed legion.



Lors qu'on verra expiler le sainct temple,
Plus grand du Rhosne & sacres prophaner
Par eux naistra pestilence si ample,
Roy faict iniuste ne fera condamner.

Lors qu'on verra expiler le ƒain¢t, Temple,
Plus grand du Roƒne leur ƒacrez profanez,
Par eux naiƒtra peƒtilence ƒi ample,
Roy fuit iniuƒte ne fera condamner.

Lors qu'on voirra expiler le ƒaint temple
Plus grand du Rhoƒne & ƒacres profanez,
Par eux naiƒtra peƒtilence ƒi ample.
Roy fait iniuƒte ne fera condamner.

When one sees the holy temple plundered,
the greatest of the Rhône profaning their sacred things;
because of them a very great pestilence will appear,
the king, unjust, will not condemn them.



Quand l'adultere blessé sans coup aura
Meurdry la femme & le fils par despit,
Femme assoumée l'enfant estranglera :
Huict captifs prins, s'estouffer sans respit.

When the adulterer wounded without a blow
will have murdered his wife and son out of spite;
his wife knocked down, he will strangle the child;
eight captives taken, choked beyond help.



Dedans les Isles les enfans transportez,
Les deux de sept seront en desespoir :
Ceux de terroüer en seront supportez,
Nom pelle prins des ligues fuy l'espoir.

The infants transported into the islands,
two out of seven will be in despair.
Those of the soil will be supported by it,
the name 'shovel' taken, the hope of the leagues fails.



Le vieux frustré du principal espoir,
Il paruiendra au chef de son empire :
Vingt mois tiendra le regne à grand pouuoir,
Tiran, cruel en delaissant vn pire.

The old man disappointed in his main hope,
will attain to the leadership of his Empire.
Twenty months he will hold rule with great force,
a tyrant, cruel, giving way to one worse.



Quand l'escriture D. M. trouuée,
Et caue antique à lampe descouuerte,
Loy, Roy & Prince Vlpian esprouuée,
Pauillon Royne & Duc sous la couuerte.

When the inscription D.M. is found
in the ancient cave, revealed by a lamp.
Law, the King and Prince Ulpian tried,
the Queen and Duke in the pavilion under cover.



Par. car. nersaf, à ruine grand discorde,
Ne l'vn ne l'autre n'aura election,
Nersaf du peuple aura amour & concorde,
Ferrare, Collonne grande protection :

Paris, Carcassone, France to ruin in great disharmony,
neither one nor the other will be elected.
France will have the love and good will of the people,
Ferara, Colonna great protection.



Vieux Cardinal par le ieune deceu,
Hors de sa charge se verra desarmé,
Arles ne monstres double soit aperceu,
Et Liqueduct & le Prince embaumé.

The old Cardinal is deceived by the young one,
he will find himself disarmed, out of his position:
Do not show, Arles, that the double is perceived,
both Liqueduct and the Prince embalmed.



Aupres du ieune se vieux Ange baisser,
Et le viendra sur monter à la fin :
Dix ans esgaux aux plus vieux rabaisser,
De trois deux l'vn huictiesme Seraphin.

Beside the young one the old angel falls,
and will come to rise above him at the end;
ten years equal to most the old one falls again,
of three two and one, the eighth seraphim.



Il entrera viain, meschant, infame
Tyrannisant la Mesopotamie
Tous amis faict d'adulterine dame.
Terre horrible noir de phisomie.

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
tyrannizing over Mesopotamia.
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
the land dreadful and black of aspect.



Croistra le nombre si grand des Astronomes
Chassez, bannis & liures censurez,
L'an mil six cens & sept par sacre glomes,
Que nul aux sacres ne seront asseurez.

The number of astrologers will grow so great,
that they will be driven out, banned and their books censored.
In the year 1607 by sacred assemblies
so that none will be safe from the holy ones.



Champ Perusin ô l'enorme deffaite
Et le conflict tout aupres de Rauenne
Passage sacre lors qu'on fera la feste,
Vainqueur vaincu cheual manger l'auenne.

Oh what a huge defeat on the Perugian battlefield
and the conflict very close to Ravenna.
A holy passage when they will celebrate the feast,
the conqueror banished to eat horse meat.



Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera,
Iniustement non eslongné de mort,
L'auare mere du faict cause sera
Coniurateur & regne en grand remort.

The king is struck by a barbarian soldier,
unjustly, not far from death.
The greedy will be the cause of the deed,
conspirator and realm in great remorse.



En terre neufue bien auant Roy entré
Pendant subges luy viendront faire acueil,
Sa perfidie aura tel rencontré,
Qu'aux citadins lieu de feste & recueil.

A king entered very far into the new land
while the subjects will come to bid him welcome;
his treachery will have such a result
that to the citizens it is a reception instead of a festival.



Le pere & fils seront meurdris ensemble,
Le prefecteur dedans son pauillon
La mere à Tours du fils ventre aura enfle,
Cache verdure de fueilles papillon.

The father and son will be murdered together,
the leader within his pavilion.
The mother at Tours will have her belly swollen with a son,
a verdure chest with little pieces of paper.



Plus Macelin que Roy en Angleterre,
Lieu obscur nay par force aura l'empire :
Lasche sans foy sans loy seignera terre.
Son temps s'aproche si pres que ie souspire.

More of a butcher than a king in England,
born of obscure rank will gain empire through force.
Coward without faith, without law he will bleed the land;
His time approaches so close that I sigh.



L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez,
Son corps humain eau rougie gresler terre.

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.



Vn Bragamas auec la langue torte
Viendra des dieux le sanctuaire,
Aux heretiques il ouurira la porte
En suscitant l'eglise militaire.

A soldier of fortune with twisted tongue
will come to the sanctuary of the gods.
He will open the door to heretics
and raise up the Church militant.



Qui par fer pere perdra nay de Nonnaire
De Gorgon sur la fera sang perfetant,
En terre estrange fera si tout de taire,
Qui bruslera luy mesme & son entant.

He who loses his father by the sword, born in a Nunnery,
upon this Gorgon's blood will conceive anew;
in a strange land he will do everything to be silent,
he who will burn both himself and his child.



Des innocens le sang de vefue & vierge.
Tant de maux faicts par moyen se grand Roge,
Saincts simulachres trempez en ardant cierge,
De frayeur craincte ne verra nul que boge.

The blood of innocents, widow and virgin,
so many evils committed by means of the Great Red One,
holy images placed over burning candles,
terrified by fear, none will be seen to move.



Le neuf empire en desolation,
Sera changé du pole aquilonaire,
De la Sicile viendra l'emotion,
Troubler l'emprise à Philip. tributaire.

The new empire in desolation
will be changed from the Northern Pole.
From Sicily will come such trouble that
it will bother the enterprise tributary to Philip.



Ronge long, sec faisant du bon vallet,
A la parfin n'aura que son congie,
Poignant poyson, & lettres au collet,
Sera saisi eschappé en dangie.

Thin tall and dry, playing the good valet
in the end will have nothing but his dismissal;
sharp poison and letters in his collar,
he will be seized escaping into danger.



Le plus grand voile hors du port de Zara,
Prés de Bisance fera son entreprise.
D'ennemy perte & l'amy ne fera,
Le tiers à deux fera grand pille & prise.

The largest sail set out of the port of Zara,
near Byzantium will carry out its enterprise.
Loss of enemy and friend will not be,
a third will turn on both with great pillage and capture.



Paterne aura de la Sicile crie,
Tous les aprests du goulphre de Trieste,
Qui s'entendra iusques à la Trina rie,
De tant de voiles fuy, fuy l'horrible peste.

Paterno will hear the cry from Sicily,
all the preparations in the Gulf of Trieste;
it will be heard as far as Sicily
flee oh, flee, so may sails, the dreaded pestilence !



Entre Bayonne & à sainct Iean de Lux,
Sera pose de Mars la promottoire :
Aux Hanis d'Aquilon Nanar hostera lux,
Puis suffoqué au lict sans adiutoire.

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz
will be placed the promontory of Mars.
To the Hanix of the North, Nanar will remove the light,
then suffocate in bed without assistance.



Par Arnani Tholoser Ville Franque,
Bande infinie par le mont Adrian,
Passe riuiere, Hutin par pont la planque,
Bayonne entrer tous Bichoro criant.

Through Emani, Tolosa and Villefranche,
an infinite band through the mountains of Adrian.
Passes the river, Cambat over the plank for a bridge,
Bayonne will be entered all crying Bigoree.



Mort conspirée viendra en plein effect,
Charge donnée & voyage de mort.
Esleu, creé, receu, par siens deffaict,
Sang d'innocence deuant soy par remort.

Mort conƒpirée viendra en plein effe¢t.
Charge donnée & voyage de mort.
Esleu, creé, receu. par ƒiens defait.
Sang d'innocence deuant ƒoy par remord.

Mort conƒpirée viendra en plain effet,
Charge donnée & voyage de mort :
Eƒleu, creé, receu, per ƒiens deffaict,
Sang d'innocent deuant ƒoy par remort.

A death conspired will come to its full effect,
the charge given and the voyage of death.
Elected, created, received ( then ) defeated by its followers,
in remorse the blood of innocence in front of him.



Dans la Sardaigne vn noble Roy viendra,
Qui ne tiendra que trois ans le Royaume,
Plusieurs couleurs auec soy conioindra,
Luy mesme apres soin sommeil marrit scome.

A noble king will come to Sardinia,
who will only rule for three years in the kingdom.
He will join with himself several colors;
he himself, after taunts, care spoils slumber.



Pour ne tomber entre mains de son oncle,
Qui les enfans par regner trucidez,
Orant au peuple mettant pied sur Peloncle
Mort & traisné entre cheuaux bardez.

In order not to fall into the hands of his uncle
who slaughtered his children in order to reign.
Pleasing with the people, putting his foot on Peloncle,
dead and dragged between armored horses.



Quand des croisez vn trouué de sens trouble
En lieu du sacre verra vn bœuf cornu
Par vierge porc son lieu lors sera comble,
Par Roy plus ordre ne sera soustenu.

When those of the cross are found their senses troubled,
in place of sacred things he will see a horned bull,
through the virgin the pig's place will then be filled,
order will no longer be maintained by the king.



Frimy les champs de Rodanes entrées
Où les croisez seront presque vnis,
Les deux brassierez en pisces rencontrées,
Et vn grand nombre par deluge punis.

Entered among the field of the Rhône
where those of the cross are almost united,
the two lands meeting in Pisces
and a great number punished by the flood.



LOIN hors du regne, mis en hazard voyage :
Grand oƒt duira, pour ƒoy l'occupera.
Le Roy tiendra les ƒiens captifs hoƒtage.
A ƒon retour tout pays pillera.

Loin hors du regne mis en hazard voyage,
Grand oƒt duira pour ƒoy l'occupera,
Le Roy tiendra les ƒiens captif oƒtage
A ƒon retour tout pays pillera.

Loin hors du regne mis en hazard voyage
Grand ost duyra, pour soy l'occupera,
Le Roy tiendra les siens captif, ostage,
A son retour tout pays pillera.

Far distant from his kingdom, sent on a dangerous journey,
he will lead a great army and keep it for himself.
The king will hold his people captive and hostage,
he will plunder the whole country on his return.



Sept mois sans plus obtiendra prelature
Par son decez grand scisme fera naistre :
Sept mois tiendra vn autre la preture,
Pres de Venise paix vnion renaistre.

For seven months, no longer, will he hold the office of prelate,
through his death a great schism will arise;
for seven months another acts as prelate near Venice,
peace and union are reborn.



Deuant le lac où plus cher fut getté
De sept mois, & son ost desconfit
Seront Hispans par Albannois gastez,
Par delay perte en donnant le conflit.

In front of the lake where the dearest one was destroyed
for seven months and his army routed;
Spaniards will be devastating by means of Alba,
through delay in giving battle, loss.



Le seducteur sera mis en la fosse,
Et estaché iusques à quelque temps,
Le clerc vny le chef auec sa crosse
Pycante droite attraira les contens.

The seducer will be placed in a ditch
and will be tied up for some time.
The scholar joins the chief with his cross.
The sharp right will draw the contented ones.



La Synagogue sterile sans nul fruit
Sera receuë entre les infideles
De Babylon la fille du porsuit
Misere & triste luy trenchera les aisles.

The sterile synagogue without any fruit,
will be received by the infidels,
the daughter of the persecuted (man) of Babylon,
miserable and sad, they will clip her wings.



Aux fins du Var changer le Pompotans,
Prés du riuage les trois beaux enfans naistre,
Ruyne au peuple par aage competans
Regne au pays charger plus croistre.

At the end of the Var the great powers change;
near the bank three beautiful children are born.
Ruin to the people when they are of age;
in the country the kingdom is seen to grow and change more.



Des gens d'Eglise sang sera espanché,
Comme de l'eau en si grande abondance
Et d'vn long temps ne sera restranché
Ve vë au clerc ruy & doleance.

Des gens d'Eƒgliƒe ƒang ƒera eƒpanché
Comme de l'eau, en ƒi grande abondance,
Que d'vn long temps ne ƒera reƒtanché.
Vé, vé au Clerc ruine & doleance.

Des gens d'Egliƒe ƒang ƒera eƒpanché,
Comme de l'eau en ƒi grande abondance :
Et d'vn long-temps ne ƒera retranché,
Ve, ve au clerc ruine & doleance.

Of the church men the blood will be poured forth
as abundant as water in (amount);
for a long time it will not be restrained,
woe, woe, for the clergy ruin and grief.



Par la puissance des trois Roys temporels,
En autre lieu sera mis le saint siege :
Où la substance de l'esprit corporel,
Sera remis & receu pour vray siege.

Through the power of three temporal kings,
the sacred seat will be put in another place,
where the substance of the body and the spirit
will be restored and received as the true seat.


VIII 100

Pour l'abondance de l'arme respanduë
Du haut en bas par le bas au plus haut
Trop grande foy par ieu vie perduë,
De soif mourir par habondant deffaut.

By the great number of tears shed,
from top to bottom and from the bottom to the very top,
a life is lost through a game with too much faith,
to die of thirst through a great deficiency.



Eront confus plusieurs de leurs attente,
Aux habitans ne sera pardonné,
Qui bien pensoient perseuerer l'attente
Mais grand loisir ne leur sera donné.



Plusieurs viendront, & parleront de paix
Entre Monarques & seigneurs bien puissans,
Mais ne sera accordé de si prés,
Que ne se rendent plus qu'autres obeissans,



Las quelle fureur! helas quelle pitié,
Il u aura entre beaucoup de gens!
On ne vit onc vne telle amitié,
Qu'auront les loups à courir diligens.



Beaucoup de gens voudront parlementer
Aux grands seigneurs qui leur feront la guerre,
On ne voudra en rien les escouter,
Helas! si Dieu n'enuoye paix en terre.



Plusieurs secours viendront de tous costez,
De gens loingtains qui voudront resister :
Ils seront tout à coup bien hastez,
Mais ne pourront pour ceste heure assister.



Las quel desir ont Princes estrangers!
Garde toy bien qu'en ton pays ne vienne
Il y auroit de terribles dangers
En maints contrées, mesme en la Vienne.